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  1. Thanks for the replies. Obviously at 7 months I still have some growing to do, but traditionally it seems most folk grow it out while the hair is coming through. From the picture below (taken yesterday) you can see it gets rather clumpy and I dont have the density yet to pull off anything other than a very short buzz, in my opinion. Just wondering if there are other who have experienced anything similar. Also included another photo from now, under artificial light with no flash, maybe illustrates the density issue slightly better. As I said before, very little change from 2 months ago, hence the concern. Thanks
  2. And taken a few mins ago in natural (cloudy) light
  3. Hi there. I had approx 2400 FUE 7 months ago on my frontal third. I'm concerned about the lack of progress and there doesnt seem to have been any recent noticable growth from month 5, although I understand I need to wait 12 months on average for full results. I have just cut it from a number 4 guard (2nd photo) as going out without a hat isn't really an option and the negative attention this lengh gets is not sustainable. Right now it's at a number 1 guard (3rd photo). I realise this is perhaps too short to hide any transplant procedure but it's where it looks best right now. Theres still significant areas of low density and it doesnt merge particular well with existing hair. Anyone have any advice on what to do next? I've tried shaving it completely off too, which leaves me with a red recipient area (although coverable with make up), but that wasnt really the point in getting a procedure done. I've also attached a pre op photo. Thanks