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  1. Stay away from Dr. Karadeniz and hope you get his technicians instead. After a detailed search on the internet I ended up with a few alternatives in Turkey that all looked to have the same quality. Based on respond from AEK and a detailed plan for the stay I did chose this clinic and their EUR 3000 package including incisions and planning of design by Dr. Karadeniz. I arrived the evening before and was collected at the airport by a very pleasant driver and brought to the hotel. Next morning at 07:45 we were collected at the hotel (by Serdar?) and walked to the next building where the clinic now is. In total we where four patients at that time and I did see some others during the day. From other reviews and thinking this is still a cosy boutique clinic – these days are gone. They have in total 8 rooms, but staff said normal 6 patients a day. We then had to wait almost two hours for the blood test results, very boring and it might should have been possible to use the time better with for example good meetings with planning the design or look at the aftercare movie. At least we arranged payment and took some pictures during the waiting. At 10:00 my procedure started with shaving, as I had ordered only donor area shaved FUE the technician was very focused when he did the shaving. We continued with anaesthesia of the donor area. Two very nice technicians were preforming this and was very carefully, some minor pain but not much. The lead technician then asked me how roughly I wanted my design so that she should know size of the donor area and after me illustrating with a pen she quickly understood me. We then were about to start when they were stopped by a message that Dr. Karadeniz wanted to meet me first. So, another waiting period for him to show up. Based on other reviews I had an understanding regarding Dr. Karadeniz personality so my strategy for the day was to be very polite and ask for his recommendation based on his high experience – my most stupid choice so far.. After 20 minutes waiting Dr. Karadeniz showed up and all the staff was standing in a line against the wall. He asked me what my wish for the operation was. My goal was to lower the temples so I answered, “Can you lower the templets and maybe also then the hairline?”. The word “Can” must have triggered his ego, standard speech or something because he started a speech and a character so stupid, I have never seen something similar in my business life ever. He was walking around in the room speaking loud with no eye contact and literally recounted “I CAN do everything, I CAN transfer hair from your leg, I CAN jump out the window down to the road, but it won’t be clever...” and so on with the point being that the hair line had three reference points like the temples and forehead, so if I wanted to change the temples I would need to lower the hair line…very much same as my kindly request. But in a monolog, it was impossible to have a normal dialog with him at all. Then with a pen he started to draw on me, making different facial expressions like if he was an artist thinking hard and used the mirror and moved around on my head. After some minutes with this game he finally gave me the mirror and had made a design with still temples, but lower hairline. I had only a small hand-held mirror, a few seconds and the whole staff behind me when evaluating. Still kept my polite plan and in a bit of shock over this character I had no comments at that point – a big mistake. Then the technicians started harvesting from donor area. We started at approx. 11:00 and it only took about 50 minutes. I then asked how many grafts she had harvested but she said she was not allowed to tell. Straight afterwards the lead technician started anaesthesia of receiver area, also very carefully done. We then had to again wait for Dr. Karadeniz 20 minutes before he showed up and did the incisions, to be honest I don’t really get the point with this, he made all the holes where later the technicians insert the graft, but they are skilled enough them self to see that and they also themselves decide number of hairs to be placed where. When he was finished he just left without saying a word, I thought he was still working when somebody cleaned my head, but then it was the technician that was back again… for a superior type.. Then it was lunch, all personnel left the room and I was served a small meal that tasted ok while waiting. At 14:00 the two technicians were back and started carefully inserting the grafts and his took 1,5 hours. Afterwards they bandaged my head and I got a bag with tablets and aftercare effects; last part was to see a 17 minutes video where Dr. Karadeniz explained aftercare instructions. At no time the doctor was present during this or after to evaluate the result. At this time all the staff was leaving so only the office lady and Serdar (the service guy) left, I had a few questions but they where not in any position to answer even if they tried. Next morning at 10:30 I walked back to the client and got removed the bandage and got a hair wash of the donor area, took 15 minutes. I later the same day noticed that my new hairline still had significant temples, much more than needed for the “reference points” and that the operation had been 35% less hairs than what they minimum had promised. Then tried to contact the clinic again on the group chat we had on WhatApp with Omer and Goceke since I literally stayed next door for 4 more night and asked if it what possible for them to take a look, but then all respond stopped. Pros: - The clinic is now large with 8 rooms, so the staff must have a good learning environment and much experience. - The technicians I had was skilled, nice and careful in everything they did. - The staff had a very good environment between them, looks that it’s a positive working environment. - Everything was clean and looked good. Good hygiene structure. - The clinic has also a medical doctor that looks after all the patients if something should happen, so it felt very safe. I did see this guy more than Dr. Karadeniz. - The stay in Istanbul is well organized. Cons: - 8 patients a day it many for a clinic, with the four we were from the morning it was even a lot of waiting and organization. They are not so organized. Funny fact that Dr. Karadeniz himself in this video not recommend clinics with more than 3-4 patients a day; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_p2sVwq1Ak - If you need good advices or inputs on your procedure, Dr. Karadeniz is useless. - With so many staff it was much walking between the rooms, often the door stood open and people were walking in and out to borrow equipment and so on. Was a bit strange for a clinic. - They take pictures all the time, but only the first pictures were taking with the clinic camera. All rest are taken by their personal cell phones. Total three of the staff used their personal phones to take pictures of my operation so not much of GDPR. - After you have paid the EUR 500 deposit, the respond from Omer on Whatsapp drastically changes. Goceke who handles the practical things are great, but for any hair related questions the contact is limited. - The next working day when I still was in the hotel and wanted them to take a look at the result, there where no response at all anymore from them on Whatsapp. - I bought the package with Dr. Karadeniz and was promised 4000-6000 hairs based on pictures sent, the results were 2707 hair, noted on a post-it note. The technicians said my donor area was great and that it can handle a new FUE, useless when I had been able to transfer more now. - Very limited instructions during the day. No sort of welcome instructions or plan for the day when starting, just straight to work by the technicians. As a fun fact I never did see my grafts at any point. It was just from step to step and during all the waiting the staff normally left the room with no further message. - A lot of waiting! In effective time, my surgery took 4 hours in total. - Density look to not be very good If you have read a lot of FEU or have previous experience and are sure about your design and requirements, AEK will be a good place where you will be safe and have good technicians. For any other requirement, you will much likely feel better any other clinic. Based on Dr. Karadeniz inputs I now don’t have the design I wanted, got less hair than paid for and looks like butt-head for the next month. Before: Day 1: Day 5: Day 10: Day 14 (got a hairdresser to fix my side hair)