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  1. Definitely still looks a little thin if looking at it straight on but maybe it’s just me either way it’s better the before lol and thanks man
  2. January 8th 2020- June 8th 2020 Exactly 5 months since my 2600 Graft procedure with Dr Bloxham and so far I couldn’t be happier, anxious to see it in a couple more months.
  3. This whole virus definitely threw a wrench into things didn’t it lol but you won’t be disappointed man, best decision I’ve made
  4. Thank you! And oh yeah? How long ago was your first one?
  5. Creeping up on 4 months, just a little update!
  6. I finally got the nerve and buzzed it all down tonight to roughly a number 3-4, hopefully the scar will heal up some more
  7. Hey everyone! It’s about a week short of 3 months since my HT procedure, I think everything is going along pretty well, getting a little anxious of course but I tried getting somewhat decent pictures to update my progress so far!