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  1. The effect isn't nearly so bad when from a different angle and bright light isn't behind. It's like a different world. This is definitely a zoom in.
  2. Hi folks. Nothing special was done in the pic except that I sat in front of a bright window with the light behind me. Sure you'd be able to see my face a little better (which I don't really want!) with another light source in front of me, but this is pretty much what I see if I stand in front of a mirror with the light behind me. It's not really zoomed in, though I cropped out my face. The picture is making my face look dark, but it is not misrepresenting the backlight effect. My hair is about a #6 at present, which is about as long as can be tolerated without the effect getting worse. I'm not especially keen on hair shorter than this, but maybe the fact it is #6 is exacerbating things. So as you can see, it is dead easy to see what is in effect a bald scalp with thin hair sticking up.
  3. Hi. I posted a little while ago about this really horrible effect with the light behind you. I can't quite locate that thread now, but someone asked me to post a pic. This is what I was talking about. Any advice / thoughts on how others have handled this scenario. Any time light is bright and behind you, especially if someone is shorter than you.ty It's not the world's best pic, and obviously I have made sure the effect is about at its worst for clariIty, but it can be a real confidence sapper. It really does cause "staring syndrome" at its worst.
  4. I was Norwood 4a. I had a fair amount of real estate to cover. The results were pretty good in a high graft number with high donor density 5500 appx. I came off propecia due to heaviness in the nipple area. This had a hit, but not too severe. The nipple issue wasn't a big deal, but I stopped as a precautionary measure.
  5. Hi Guys. Had a transplant in Canada some years ago. Overall good, but there is still one situation I struggle with a lot and I am wondering if anyone here with similar experience or different has some advice to offer, as I am sure you are probably familiar with it. I call it the halo effect, but I don't know if it really goes by that name lol. So because of relative low density of hair transplants compared to natural full head of hair, when someone is looking at you at eye level or they are slightly shorter than you and the light is behind you, the impression of hair more or less completely disappears and you catch this really pretty **ghastly** view through the scalp with a very thin stand of hairs. No matter using concealer or having hair short (aside from shaved really really short) this impression is had whenever looking in a mirror with light shining from behind, especially daylight. And of course it is impossible to avoid this lighting situation outdoors with sunlight. It really is a bit of a confidence drainer, as I have seen people's faces fall or do a double take when they catch a glimpse of this (I mean, people I am talking to at the time...not transplantees). It isn't just imagination either; it actually happens. I am long enough in the tooth with my transplant to know. Other than constantly try to orient myself in space so as not to have natural light parallel or low behind me (which seems too much interference with life) I am not sure how to tackle this. I generally use concealer of the sprinkle on dust variety, which works well enough for what it is, but again, in THIS situation, the view through the scalp means you can clearly see the black dust sitting like a carpet on the scalp which adds to the ghastliness. I should emphasize that I am not majorly troubled or insecure about my HT results most of the time, but this particular situation is something I have struggled / am struggling to find a workable solution for. I am sure I could work up an image if I am not being clear, but I am pretty sure you will know in general what I am talking about.