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  1. Thanks and as LaserCap mentioned above, "if it works for you, continue using it." If she saw results in the almost 30 days she's used the system (Intensive, capsules, shampoo and mask,) then I can assume it will continue strengthening. Our derm said she had TE and that the concentrated peptides in these products will definitely help. I started using her shampoo (I ran out of my Suave, lol) and I must say, I like the way it leaves my hair....i am not giving up my man card because I use a woman's shampoo LOL
  2. Both my wife and I saw our dermatologist a few weeks ago for our annual skin check and my wife mentioned her hair loss. She recommended we use Pilopeptan Intensive and capsules (for men and women) along with the shampoo and other products. I never heard of the line and went on their website (www.genoveusa.com) and ordered my wife the intensive, which she took for 15 days and the capsules. Yesterday my wife mentioned how her hair is stronger and not falling out as much. Has anyone used these products?
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