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  1. To sum up, why this guy is unprofessional, a liar and knows nothing about ethics: He posted the proof they sedated me without my consent, with the feedback form ! He wrote here I had thrombosed veins, which made them shave my hand ! A pic of my hands can simply prove he is a liar. He said I blackmailed him, the admin asked him for a proof, he said he is leaving ! He posted my pictures and personal information without my consent, which is against medical ethics, patient consent and confidentiality. This also threatens any other patients if they disagree with him. He mentioned I refused to pay a deposit (then he removed it later), I posted the receipt of bank transfer. In response to this post, he said I did not pay for surgery, and I had no money !!! (who believes the doctor who insists to take a deposit for booking, accepts to perform surgery, does the follow up everyday and drives you to the airport without taking his money This claim is simply because he knows he does not give receipts. Here is something even better: a screenshot from the last conversation between me and his clinic manager, stating I paid the total of 2000 USD for surgery. I tried many times to tell him take my post as a constructive feedback to change his behaviour and unprofessional practice with other patients, but he thought he is smart and insisted on defending himself by these childish lies! I would like to ask the admins for actions against this unethical doctor because of his direct accusations and lies. Does anyone find his behaviour accepted in this forum?! do you find his attitude here safe for other patients?! He should be ashamed from himself instead of acting like a smartass. What kind of confidence does he grow with patients and what kind of top clinic is this ! Bhatti, try to be a man and apologize, at least for the members and the admin that you tried to fool.
  2. @jj51702 I think this is how he made his fake reputation ! this guy is making childish mistakes here @Melvin-Moderator I totally agree with you, we should not stand for any extortion, but what if it will be proven he is a liar and has false accusations against me ? !
  3. @Melvin-Moderator just to prove he is a liar. He said I refused to pay the deposit here is the receipt of transfer of 200 USD That's what I was speaking about would he let a patient leave with no payment and make follow up for him every day. Would he never ask for his remaining money per email or phone !!! what a childish lie, he is not that naive, isnt he ?!
  4. @Melvin-Moderator I paid cash, and obviously he does not give receipts in his clinic, that's why came up now with this silly joke. I also paid for the medications and got no receipts, did I take it and ran ?! I did a follow up every day during my stay, would he do a follow up for a patient who did not pay for surgery? In his last email speaking about the hotel expenses, it is obvious I had no remaining bills, he should have thought twice before this childish accusations. New patients going to him, should take care to insist taking receipts, even if he refuses or asks for extra money. In India if they give you receipts, they are supposed to pay taxes !
  5. @Melvin-Moderator I would also like to see how did I blackmail him He should take this back or prove it.
  6. Would you please show how did I blackmail you ?! You are slandering your fake reputation yourself with this attitude. Please take a moment and think, how are patients supposed to trust you if only a negative feedback means to you all of this. Consent and patient confidentiality Dr, buy a book and try to read
  7. @transplantedphil He is just proving my point with his weird behaviour and making it worse for him. That's a way of indirect blackmailing, if you disagree with him he will post your pictures and personal information ! Then, he calls his clinic a ''top clinic'' ! what a joke !
  8. Bhatti, you are now proving my point with your new post, not yours. Please stop this silly behaviour of pending bills ! You are just making it worse. How can you grow confidence with patients who are supposed to trust you and you act this way !
  9. @Melvin-Moderator Bhati, you should listen to the admin and follow the beginner rule of medical practice. Try to open your book and read what consent and patient confidentiality mean, this is obviously something that you dont know anything about Why are you posting something from 2017. Here is from 2019 ! and the offer is advertised on your website my dear, no special discount and not a favour ! It is not only about the money, you should understand that your attitude is for beginners
  10. Thanks @Legend007 for your comment I was not mad the last time actually even if I did not have great results because it was my choice and the doctors were acting with a professional way. Maybe you find these are minor things, but for others they are not. Is it a minor thing if you are told it is just antibiotics, then you find yourself sedated ?! Maybe someone else would mind if a nurse says give me your hand and shave it. The problem is not only here, but Bhatti came to defend himself with a childish lie saying I had thrombosed veins ! I did not care much about the few extra dollars, I cared about how they were trying to get them. At the end, I emailed him and said I considered them fell from my pocket or I tipped your staff with them. But his reply is now I had bills and I did not pay !!! It is a behaviour of a beginner not a professional one, and some of these problems about consent are fatal mistakes in medical practice. Bhatti is not a friend, and not an enemy. I dont care if this post stays or gets removed, He just needs to grow up and try to improve his practice and behaviour with other patients or stop calling himself ''top clinic''. I hope you could get my point.
  11. @jj51702 the post of @BjornBorg was to prove I had surgery in this clinic. I think now, the Dr answered himself and posted already the pictures he was asking about. @Melvin-Moderator thanks for your comment. The goal was to cover the crown and increase the density on the hairline. I mailed him already with all these points, first I received unexplained defense like what you could read in his comment, than he began to lie about the number of grafts, than reasons behind the mistakes of his team etc... He mentioned I blackmailed him, that is something that he is supposed to prove or take it back !
  12. He is just proving my point not defending himself actually ! I bet they know nothing about consent, safe practice and patient confidentiality. I do not know what did the pictures add to the post, I mentioned already I had 2 previous surgeries, I also refused to speak about results to be fair because I said it is too early. But to be honest, I was waiting for the pictures myself The feedback form he posted also proved what I mentioned. Obviously, I can't read my own handwriting from filling this form under the effect of sedation, but it is obvious that I wrote the previously mentioned points and it could be easily read that I wrote ''about cannula and sedation, also patient consent and professionalism for ethical reasons'' ! So again he is just proving my point So, it seems they are acting like if you dont praise us you are an enemy ! that's a childish attitude not a professional one.
  13. @Dr Tejinder Bhatti I am impressed how can you reply without even an apology from what I have experienced during my stay! but also with an insist of spreading lies ! First of all I am not a HT surgeon, so thanks for the wrong information What bills didn't i pay Dr ?! Didn't you receive the whole amount of the transplant surgery of 2000 USD and the 85 USD for medications ?! (that cost a lot less than this) This also easy to be proven, please think twice before you reply. You should have thought about a better lie for the veins ! You mentioned my veins were difficult and thrombosed !!! alright, this is very easy to be proven by a picture of my both hands, the one that was shaved and the other one (didn't you think about this . My veins are visible and palpable for a beginner ! and this was not my concern, you should understand patients' rights and safe medical practice, but it seems you are not aware of it until now. Your nurse was more brave than you, because she simply said I am sorry, instead of defending a mistake with lies ! What kind of blackmail is this ! You should understand that posting a comment which is not positive regarding your behaviour and practice or a simple feedback is never counted as blackmailing ! Allow me to tell you again, your attitude is still very unprofessional trying to continue defending any mistakes from the side of your clinic by lies is not brave nor professional. By the way, thanks for the pictures, I asked you to send them to me after surgery but you never did I hope you take this post as a constructive feedback for your practice with other patients in the future and stop defending yourself with such an attitude.
  14. Hello @LeftHook, Thanks for your reply. I posted the picture of the front of clinic after BjornBorg asked for it. I also have no problem if anyone of the mods wants to contact me. I doubt the clinic will have any other side of the stories because most of the points are documented from deal with the doctor, from the number of grafts etc, as I have previously described. There was no single apology from their side about any of the previously mentioned behaviours, that's why I mentioned we should be careful while trying to attack any negative comments about clinics who pay a lot for their marketing, as this will only work against the benefits of the members and it will keep the owners of the clinics more arrogant in their behaviour and their attitude will definitely get worst with other patients. This could be seen when they did not even accept my feedback nor apologized for sedating me without consent !!! My post aims to warn patients about what they are expected to face during their HT in India and for other clinics who should put these behaviours in consideration.
  15. yes, It is actually BjornBorg, especially if you are expecting any fake profiles from his clinic or anyone from his representatives to try to get rid of negative posts on the forums. They pay a lot for the marketing, as you know. You should put in consideration that trying to defend any negative behaviour or attack any review on this forum is not for the benefit of the members here and this can encourage some doctors to continue in their arrogant attitude while dealing with the patients as dolls. I am okay to prove anything, feel free to contact me you or the admins here. I also did not mention anything about the results because it is still very early to be fair. MrZennie, the experience is terrible to be honest as I mentioned, especially there was no single apology from the side of the clinic. However, it is my first week so I cannot complaint about the results, and I hope i won't.