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  1. Hi Vinza, I didn’t and am not using any additional therapies. Yeah I totally agree, Dr Bloxham really did a great job. Thanks for the comment.
  2. Hi Lasercap, I totally understand that we all have to be wary of photos with misleading lighting. I took 3 of those 4 deliberately by the window with the sun shining on me so you guys could get a close look. The other one has lighting right above me. But you’re right, they aren’t the same as studio quality. At the 6 month mark I’m going to go back in the office and I believe they will take pics and maybe even a video. Those will surely be better quality than the ones from my iPhone. I’ll post those on here too at that point. But the purpose of my post was to point out that after 3 procedures with subpar results, I finally had one that yielded positive results that I’m happy with. So it was to help anyone who might be researching surgeons and thought maybe my story could help them at least narrow down their choice of doctor.
  3. On March 18, 2019 I had a 2000+ graft FUT procedure with Dr. Bloxham in Great Neck Long Island NY. Even though I'm only 4.5 months out, I'm already very pleased with the results. And I'm aware this isn't even the final result yet. So I wanted to share my before/after pics for those who may be considering getting a procedure in the future with the hopes my story/results might help. Quick back story: I had two small procedures in the early 2000s as my hairline was beginning to recede. The hair transplant company that did the procedures is now defunct. The results were sub-par but, if styled a certain way, I thought I could sort of get away with not looking so bald (sort of a comb over effect. But I probably wasn't fooling anyone, haha). Over the years, my hairline continued to recede pretty far back. So in 2016 I decided to have another procedure. I'd prefer not to name the doctor publicly as, although there was some improvement, the results weren't so great and I don't want to smear anyone's name or business. But if you're considering getting a hair transplant and would like to know, feel free to PM me. Or if you have questions in general or would like to talk regarding my HT experience, reach out to me at jamesnyt10@gmail.com. So at that point I had three procedures and still had sparsely transplanted hairs. I just assumed that maybe my physiology just didn’t allow most of the grafts to survive. But in 2019 I begrudgingly decided to give it one more chance with a new doctor. I researched several surgeons and decided to go with Dr. Bloxham at Feller & Bloxham. Not only was I impressed from seeing all the results and info on their YouTube channel, but in addition, his customer service from the very beginning was truly outstanding. So we had a consultation (actually a few) and he recommended a roughly 2000 graft FUT procedure. As I mentioned, I had it done on March 18, I'm now 4.5 month out and the results have been exactly what I had hoped. I included before and after pics and will post updates every so often. But even though I'm only 4.5 month out, I'm already very satisfied with the results. For the first time in my adult life, I don't appear to be balding, thinning, or have sparsely transplanted hairs. My story is a testament to the fact that results can truly vary depending on the surgeon. I included before/after pics.