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  1. I had my 6th SMP session yesterday, during which my SMP technician added some pigment to the scar and also added some pigment above and below to diffuse and blend it. I asked her to take a pic when she was done. Bear in mind that the treatment had just been done and the site was a bit red and sore. Plus she had just put some balm on the site (to aid healing) which makes it slightly shiny. But I'm really happy with the result and this final session blended together all the other sessions I'd had done. I've pretty much ruled out scar revision as I've read more about it, and watched some (pretty graphic) YouTube videos and it's put me off. I've also discounted FUE into the scar but wouldn't rule it out if I have any further work in the future. Vox, if you're still feeling self-conscious and looking for a solution to this problem, personally I would recommend SMP. From what I can see in your pics, your scar looks fairly flat, which really helps with SMP. Either way, I hope you find the relief you're searching for. I know all too well the anxiety of feeling exposed, judged, embarrassed. If you would like the details of the SMP artist I saw I'm happy to provide.
  2. I never realised before how difficult it is to take a photo of the back of one's head! There's a thread on here by a guy who has had a FUT procedure 15 years ago, then more recently a scar revision using trichophytic closure, followed by FUE into the resulting scar. He's posted lots of photos and details of his procedures. I have to say, he's put me off having a scar revision or FUE into my existing FUT scar. If someone said to me that they could guarantee a perfect result – that the scar would be gone, invisible, I'd be prepared to go through it. But, from what I can see (not just from this chap's story) online, in many photos, videos and stories, I'm just not going to get the result I'm after. In fact, it seems to me that the best results out there to cover FUT scars are from SMP. And I've already had a good few sessions of SMP which has gotten me to a place where I was able to shave my hair down to 2.5mm. I'm still self-conscious of the scar, especially now during the bright, long, summer days, but I now think my best bet is to have more SMP. I have an appt booked this Thursday with my SMP technician and I'm going to ask her to go above and below the scar to blend in the existing SMP and try and get it as camouflaged as possible. If I can figure out how, I'll post pics. I just can't face going right back to square one, having a fresh scar. I don't think (I may be wrong) that FUE into the scar will get me where I want to be. This is where my head is at now.
  3. Hi Vox, I'm on the same journey as you at the moment – looking for way to improve an old FUT strip scar. Here's where I'm at (I won't go into the history of my HT because it's boring): My scar stretches ear to ear, is about 6mm in width, is flat, white, a bit shiny. Having kept my hair above grade 3 for many years, I decided a few months ago to have SMP done on my scar. It took about 4-5 sessions with an experienced and talented SMP artist (who, btw, I would highly recommend if you're in London). This gave me the confidence to shave my head down to a few mm of hair. This was the first time I had actually seen the scar in all these years (sounds strange but I'd always covered it up and coloured it in with Nanogen Aquamatch pencil). One of the problems with the scar was that, actually, the contrast between hair and scar was what made it more noticeable. Rather counter-intuitively, shaving my hair shorter made it a bit less noticeable. But, it's still visible and noticeable in normal daylight. So, I went to see a very well respected plastic surgeon called Ash Mosahebi (£150 for the consultation, thank you very much). I wanted to ask him about scar revision. He said he wouldn't recommend it because tension in the scalp may well stretch the scar again. He said it wasn't his area of expertise but said he would refer me to a colleague of his called Greg Willaims at Farjo clinic. I'd heard of them so looked them up online and from what I can see, they don't have good reviews. So I didn't pursue that. I did however (yesterday in fact) go and see a doctor called Dr Richard Rogers at Westminster Clinic (https://wmglondon.com/meet-our-team/). He also practices under the name of Rejuvinate Clinics (https://www.rejuvenatehairclinics.com/). Both he (Dr Rogers) and Rejuvinate Clinic gets v good reviews on Trust Pilot (https://www.trustpilot.com/review/rejuvenatehairclinics.com). The reason I went to see Dr Rogers is because on the Westminster Clinic website they mention scar repair, scar revision, FUE into FUT scar. I figured it would be a useful conversation if nothing else. The consultation was £75 btw. Dr Rogers examined my scar and said that due to the age of the scar and condition, he would prefer to do a scar revision. He said he always, where possible, prefers to remove the scar. Alternatively he suggested FUE into the scar. He described the various pros and cons (we spoke mostly about scar revision as this is my preferred treatment too). Pros: The existing scar tissue would be removed and closed back up using a method called double sutre. The double sutre apparently reduces the tension on the scar (which lessens the possibility of stretching) and creates a neater join. He said that erring on the side of caution, the scar could be reduced (in width) by 50%. Best-case scenario is that it would be reduced down to 1mm. Due to my scar being stitched originally with only one layer of stitches, there is some clumping of hair follicles in certain areas. These would be removed. Cons: Two weeks with visible external stitches (which are apparently brown in colour). These would then need to be removed. Six weeks of the internal stitches (which dissolve on their own). I’d basically be cutting out all the SMP I just had done. I would actually be making my scar more visible and raw in the short term. I wouldn’t be able to consider any additional SMP or FUE into the scar (if needed) for 6 months. I would have to grow my hair back to where it was, grade 3+ which puts me back where I was. I need to decide whether there is sufficient long-term relief to warrant short-term trauma. I need to decide whether, worst-case scenario that reducing the scar by 50% is worth it. I also need to consider the possibility that I might make things worse. Is it a case of better the devil you know? The cost of the scar revision btw is £950. Anyone have thoughts?