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  1. Thanks. I'm gonna go see a dermatologist and see what they say and put me on. i appreciate the advice
  2. Well, that bums me out tremendously. I guess I have to start looking for a doctor to go see about this. I was really hoping not to be balding at the age of 24 but i'll start saving for hair transplant surgery. "Go to a Norwood chart, (type up the string on Google). Print it out. Take a pencil and go to class 5. Cover the figure lightly with the pencil. So, when you look at family history, when you look through the hair they have, are they thinning in a class 5 pattern?" The only person in my family who is balding is my dad and I rarely see him.
  3. So, for the past few days I've been worrying so much about this. I'm not 1000% sure of my family history of baldness but I think my dad might have a receding hairline. My grandfather has hair, so does his brother, my great grandfather still had hair(though not a lot of it) when he died at 84(or something like that) I've been told previously that it might be a cowlick, swirl, or a part. It stretches a tiny bit down the back of my head, leading people to it being a part. But i'm very scared still. It's hard to take picture because it looks worse in some light and nearly non existent in others. My normal hairline is fine, no receding at all. I have hair that sticks up in that area and makes it even worse, i think. it sucks. I'm beside myself at this point.
  4. Is there anything specific I should be looking for in a specialist? any qualifications or anything? I don't wanna choose a bad one and end up worrying more because they didn't know what they were talking about.
  5. Fuck that sucks so much. I don't really know if there's any baldness in my bloodlines. I'm 24 and I'm not on anything. The first time I ever looked at my scalp was yesterday so this is all a surprise and it's coming at me very quickly. Does diffuse thinning mean i'll eventually go bald? or will my hair just get thin? What can I do to combat it? I've been dieting pretty strictly lately and a friend told me that might have something to do with it. How on the mark was she?
  6. I'm pretty worried about it. It's also possibly me being paranoid though, i'm not sure.