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  1. I asked them to plant there ..... Tbh i just know concentration was on hairline and fron.....i need to find out from drs if or what can take to hopefully improve it as its affected beard too
  2. 10 days post operation no itching no pain little sore to touch still thats it.....redness and as you can see patch where i have alopecia areata going drs tomorrow to ask aboutn diagnosis and treatment
  3. Day 5 ..... feeling a little better in myself my blood pressure has dropped a little bit not lots going to keep an eye on it from now on never really thought about it..... feeling better in myself not hair hair related as far as I know...... bumped into Dr Cinik while walking back to my hotel , he shook my hand stopped and talked to me and was very nice , asked me to come back into the clinic before I go and wash my hair again. Nice guy. no itching still ........I have noticed now though a dull ache all over my head can’t explain it ......it’s not painful like owwww but like a constant little bit of pressure ....I assume it’s the healing and growing i don’t know .........I’ve took no painkillers for pain from HT at all hasn’t been needed ........ todays photos
  4. I have also got a bit of a chest infection I think it’s a combination of things...... I leave on 31st they want you to stay around a week after rhinoplasty and I got my kids to think of so although I’d rather not pay More jus to gonna fly back out in a couple months for a week when I, fully fit
  5. I know they also injected plasma in the areata area of my head can’t remember what it’s called.....it’s not stem cell treatment but they say it’s like that blood reinfected into scalp with things added or something .......alopecia thing I speak docs when back as need to address blood work issues
  6. Day 3..... well to anyone who read my initial post seeking advice I was getting rhinoplasty ....was refused anaesthesia due to lung infection elevated white blood cells and very high blood pressure so gonna have to come back to turkey can prob see how bent my nose is from 4 breaks in below picture too 🤣🤣🤣 but annoyed as I’ve lost 200 euros for arrangement of surgery and blood works at hospital but this is life. noticed some swelling in my head i think wearing the headband increases the swelling higher up...just a guess not wearing headband now , feels like metal spikes all over my head still not itching and not taking any paracetamol or nothing. Here for another 5 days with not much to do anyone got any ideas for me ?? thanks
  7. As far as I know they’ve implanted where he alopecia was on my request but have advised me seek Dre and dermatologist soon as back In uk to test and treat the alopecia areata which going to do when back to uk alopecia was on top of head not back.
  8. I never asked breakdown of from hair from head and chest just told from chest too to add density .......I’ve just trusted there judgement basically......... yes I have alopecia in two parts of my beard and one in my head.......... i beliebe stress to be a cause due to issues with my child for past 12 month which very serious and already 11 court hearings
  9. Hello everybody my operation was 230pm to 1130pm 22nd July it is now 24th July 835pm I had my second hair wash today and have wore head band as instructed. These photos are current just now so you can see. I’m no expert. Currently I have no itching in my head whatsoever , I have no itching in chest. My head doesn’t feel swollen but pictures may show ......not much paint just on donor area when touched literally just feels bruised. No real headaches or loss of appetite or anything really.......I’m not meant to so any clinic employees see this don’t snitch haha but I been wearing a baseball cap from day after basically making sure I t doesn’t touch top of my head so not on grafts have I accidentally touched it dunno lol but be my mistake. I did have that injury where I’ve lost 12 grafts so may be some more dried blood on head than average unsure in no rush to try to get off and mess grafts up. I have to take 6 tablets every morning. They have made me feel a little sick / bloated for a couple of hours unless it’s the omelette breakfast I have ......... feel absolutely normal in myself no side affects ........ that’s basically it. I’d say the thought process and the travelling and planning it all out for most people is worse than the actual operation. I have no side affects from a Turkish spliff so I can confirm the green is ok over here if you smoke 👌🤣 and I met a good employee of cinic who I talk too and has took me to some shops etc nice guy. i like to remind Andy maybe against advice of people on here..... I joined this place on 4th July just over two weeks later I done it ......I got a feel for Cinik being reputable through this page and just went for it , who knows how it works out but I’ve done it fuck it ....... I’ve found Dr Cinik to be very nice reassuring and the clinic and staff helpful. My hotel is mia berre.... it is literally next door to clinic .....I’d recommend booking it for that reason you could stay a week and let cinic clinic wash everyday and they will do free of charge ......latest photos attached ..... Remind of my hair from 8 years ago which was already going then.....my hair from 20th July and then today’s photos post operation. I think a critical part to doing this was realising my hair and loss is unique and all of yours will be too have full density Anders maybe a better hairline 1 operation is not enough but Dr cinic planner what was best for what I have and I trusted his judgement .......in the future I may get a second...... we just see....
  10. Had my checkup........ I’ve lost 12 grafts from accident they put other grafts that moved back in place....hurt a little....... taking drugs now and now got a headband to wear for a couple days and a hat. One day and half since operation I’ve had no itching on My head , I’ve had little bit itch on my chest but nothing that has made me need to wet or cream. My chest little sore head don’t feel no pain. If I touch either donor areas surface pain like you bruised yourself but tbf no real pain or any issues. See alopecia on my beard I feel from stress.....should I take finisteride any recommendations it’s only 10 euros here in turkey for 4 month supply from dr clinic maybe even cheaper at a pharmacy ..... unsure if legal to bring back to uk or how many... attached recommended vitamins showing what’s in them in case want to get some where your from cheaper , also told yo use organic shampoos when back home. attached couple photos too from op day which didn’t attach previous.
  11. Arrived 210pm was given orange juice and a cake and given a blood test. Blood test come back fine. Went upstairs into room. Hi guys well I had operation 230 finished 1130 had 3900 grafts and dr Cinik opened channels. My consultation with him was very good. I have read others say he was rushed would not answer anything and abrupt. I felt him very nice. He asked me about my family and hobbie he asked to see photos of my hair previously when younger and what I wanted from HT. he told me don’t worry there’s no rush. He discussed what was going to happen he then shook my hand and patted me on he back and said he see me in surgey. i went into w room upstairs with a technician or admin who took the money and made me sign form. Everyone was nice went upstairs had my head shaved then into the medical room. The anaesthetics for me didn’t really hurt tbh I did however before the anasthetics have what seemed like diabetic needles for like 15 minutes all areas of my head. They pushed down onto my head then needle like it flicked out. I actually don’t know if this is normal or the pain free method ????? But I did not pay extra nor ask for painless anaesthesia so n idea. About ten minutes it my arms and body were shaking \ trebling.......reaction I’m not sure......... they ended up up putting me on a drip to relax me as after blood test a catheter was left in my arm. Maybe alarming for some but technician applied anasthetics is she an anastechian I do not know.......I can confirm however though at no points did I have anything attached to read my vitals.....even after the Trembles was no check of my blood pressure or oxygen or anything else. I had to lie on front for around an hour to babe donor area stripped. i then had to turn around and they gave me more anasthetics and removed chest hair. i then went back onto the front Dr CINIK came in friend and said hello and done then channel openings. The technicians then implanted all the hairs after giving more anastethics. As said concerning factor for me was how much anasthetics have I been given and why no monitors.......... i felt generally fine through the procedure bar the ten minutes of trembles and when finished and cleaned went and was given all my meds etc and checkup tomorrow. people please be careful I’ve walked into a bloody lamp and no idea how much damage I’ve caused but I know there is some will see hat is said tomorrow. as I speak now feel tired and little groggy head starting to slightly hurt , I did go late bad last night though and not ate much today gonna grab food and go sleep. besides this I feel Dr Cinik is a good guy and has done a good job you decide near at end I also had the PRP injection I think I’m saying wrong but it is he blood or plasma thing suppose to be similar to stem cell therapy.
  12. It is 30 degrees out here hot. I feel a bit rough but was a little unwell in England too tbf...... my hair transplant is in less than 2 hours , had. No time to explore Istanbul yet hopefully I won’t feel too bad tomorrow will update tonight hopefully.