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  1. Basically my hair runs forward flat....then when hits transplanted area all grows straight up in air....
  2. Going to.see a.dermaroligsr next week about the alopecia....not gonna take full pics but send one of update of front of hair which is why o went..not dense but growing...... I've read others before though say why do people.who have HT brush it backwards ..... Well way mine is growing it's like it's grows backwards and straight up !!!! Can't brush forwards , is this normal or wrong ....Dr Cinik himself.done incisions
  3. Sorry guys not been posting....it's because bloody alopecia areata getting loads worse and can't get into a dermatologist for 11 months !!!!!! Depressed me about the hair transplant now cause it makes no difference can show you hair line
  4. Drs dont seem to worried at all like its a minor problem !!! Main sores have gone but was going before i even started the anti biotics......went back and becsuse no big sores oozing puss telling me i dont have mrsa without even getting lab tests lol what type of shit is that......presuming i dont have it they mean........made them take another swab..........i still have 7 small bumps under skin but not painful and not broken skin or puss yet so dont know what there about.... apparently im ok now though dont know much more
  5. I may of got it from there..... but how can I know or prove it ???? happy to hear anyones thoughts on it
  6. coming up to 4months now !!! Is starting to grow a little now..... unfortunately the alopecia areata is shit and I cant get into a dermatologist for 9 months !!! so not sure ill be able to see the true affects of HT for a while even after a year perhaps need this to heal hopefully oh and the fookin mrsa
  7. Rifampicin and doxycycline And a nasal thing too.....and not been given any information received a letter in post saying ro go to dra urgently , told me swab come back as mrsa and give me a prescription didnt even see the dr again.
  8. No idea ....on antiobiotics for a week......and now paranoid as anything reading how bad and serious mrsa can be , i been feeling fine apart from sores on head hurt now im feeling unwell ! No doubt due to worrying and reading all the story's of death
  9. Hello guys......cant lie i am bit worried....good.old google searches has made me very paranoid. I am not saying it is from the clinic......as all seemed clean and fine. However drs took a swab of these cyst type things and have said i have got mrsa . Im starting anti biotics for it tomorrow, but i cant lie i been given myself a fever reading about all the complications....... My worry is how long may if of had this for and how far may this of spread , going to go to hospital i think and say im struggling to breath etc to get some detailed tests for peace of mind , but keep safe everyone.
  10. ill get some.photos but not much to report other than i am battling many ingrown hairs that become painful....i have picked scabs a bit so unsure if this causes spreading but seem to get gettinf several one goes then got another painful one.....is very annoying as can be extremely painful and making sleep difficult even ive tried antibiotics from drs aswell.....
  11. I asked them to plant there ..... Tbh i just know concentration was on hairline and fron.....i need to find out from drs if or what can take to hopefully improve it as its affected beard too
  12. 10 days post operation no itching no pain little sore to touch still thats it.....redness and as you can see patch where i have alopecia areata going drs tomorrow to ask aboutn diagnosis and treatment
  13. Day 5 ..... feeling a little better in myself my blood pressure has dropped a little bit not lots going to keep an eye on it from now on never really thought about it..... feeling better in myself not hair hair related as far as I know...... bumped into Dr Cinik while walking back to my hotel , he shook my hand stopped and talked to me and was very nice , asked me to come back into the clinic before I go and wash my hair again. Nice guy. no itching still ........I have noticed now though a dull ache all over my head can’t explain it ......it’s not painful like owwww but like a constant little bit of pressure ....I assume it’s the healing and growing i don’t know .........I’ve took no painkillers for pain from HT at all hasn’t been needed ........ todays photos