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  1. Thanks for your nice comments much appreciated 👍
  2. Hi I've just passed my four months thought I'd share some photos with you
  3. No change from last photos still early but thought I'd post my 8 week update for anyone whose interested straight after haircut number 2
  4. I cut it yesterday I used a 1.5 seems to feel better know
  5. Yeh thanks to all for your encouraging words I will keep updating i will be cutting my donor area with clippers for the first time since my transplant hopefully on Sunday I will post photos thanks again
  6. My four week update was getting quite a bit of itching but with good advice used alone vera has made a great difference shedding has continued but I think in the last two days has got a lot less so fingers crossed it has know stopped I will post photos soonn
  7. My 3 week update all opinions much appreciated I'm still getting itching donor area only but not as bad as before shedding has started oh well was expected
  8. Hi everyone hope you are all good I woke up this morning and Donor area is very itchy. Trying best not to rub it. Any advice would be much appreciated
  9. Not sure I will ask and let you know but only 2 weeks after surgery and it looks as if nothing was done
  10. Hi to everyone I thought Id share my story with you all. Im 56 years old, it was now or never! I started losing my hair around 20 years ago. At first i didn’t do too much about it, which I realised now was a big mistake. After 10 years of being in denial, I kept seeing adverts on TV about the Belgravia centre in London. Im sure many of you will have heard of them. Funny how we dont see any adverts from them on the TV anymore. I remember I booked an appointment with them, and at the t
  11. Yeh all good mate finding it hard to communicate with other clinics in Athens lol
  12. Thanks uncle drew do you have any suggestions that I could resurce
  13. Yep looking that way cant seem to find anybody else seen a Dr konstandinos Anastakis his work looks decent but all his talks are in Greek a bit harder to decide whether worth considering think he does fut and fue
  14. Hi to all ive been looking in quite a few forums and finding it difficult to find any information about clinics in Greece you can find a lot on YouTube unfortunately its all in Greek was wondering if anyone have any experience or info
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