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  1. Yeh all good mate finding it hard to communicate with other clinics in Athens lol
  2. Thanks uncle drew do you have any suggestions that I could resurce
  3. Yep looking that way cant seem to find anybody else seen a Dr konstandinos Anastakis his work looks decent but all his talks are in Greek a bit harder to decide whether worth considering think he does fut and fue
  4. Hi to all ive been looking in quite a few forums and finding it difficult to find any information about clinics in Greece you can find a lot on YouTube unfortunately its all in Greek was wondering if anyone have any experience or info
  5. So would you recommend dhi athens is it not were dhi started ?
  6. Thanks mate have been looking on the forums and YouTube still not certain was hoping someone with experience of having it done could give there opinion
  7. Was wondering if anyone had any experience with dhi is it better than fue does it cost more any advice would be appreciated
  8. Really must be surely what about dhi they are in Athens anybody any experience with dhi
  9. Thanks for reply not sure thought they were in Cyprus
  10. Hi to all I'm planning on moving to Greece in the next few months and am planning a hair transplant been looking through the forums and apart from Cole and bissanga not any others are mentioned was wondering if anybody has heard of Any