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  1. I first started noticing my hair loss around 18 or 19 years of age. It became worse and worse and it got to the point where I felt embarrassed around others. Being in my early 20’s and seeing other kids my age with nice hair made me feel insecure about my hair. I knew something had to be done before I went totally bald. Your 20’s and even 30’s are your golden years and I believe nice hair has a lot to do with making you feel better about yourself. I did extensive research and finally stumbled across Dr. Diep. His reviews and results were amazing and I knew he did amazing, quality work. So I scheduled a consultation and he went over exactly what rethought was needed, about 2800 grafts via FUE. My appt was about 10 months later because his expertise is that in demand. I went in for surgery and last thing I remember was coming home and taking a nap. I did not feel anything and him and his nurses were extremely professional and comforting. They fed me a nice lunch as well. The following few days there was some discomfort but taking pain medication and resting help. The recovery was about 10-14 days for me. I took 2 weeks off of work and just relaxed and recovered. I noticed the hairs start to come in around month 3-4. It became more and more noticeable thick around the 5th-6th month and started blending it perfectly. I am coming up on my 7th month and I absolutely love the results. No one has even noticed I had a hair transplant. My hair looks natural and thick again. This is how it should look at 23 years old! And it is still going to get denser and denser over the next 6 months+. My confidence is way better now and I enjoy showing my hair off. I never wear a hat anymore to hide my receding and thinning hairline. I would not even hesitate to go see Dr. Diep and get your hair back again. You become a new man with a nice head of hair. The feeling is amazing I cannot thank Dr. Diep enough.