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    Receding hairline? Opinions

    Thanks! That makes me feel a bit better. I'm trying to grow it out, and have been for about 5 months. So what you're seeing there is about 5 months of growth, starting out from a buzzcut. Its a hard line to gauge, since when I had a buzzcut, I had the sides compeltley cut down to a skin fade, and now they're growing very slowly. So I don't know if the reason they're not growing is cause of hair loss and thinning or whether they're just taking time to grow back from the fade. I'll give minoxidil a go and see how that goes down.
  2. Hi guys, newbie here. I've been worrying myself silly because I believe i'm noticing thinning along the sides of my hairline, but naturally everyone around me is saying it is not, and very well could just be paranoia. I'm 20 years old, my father kept his hair well into his 50s (he has passed away however), all except a tiny bald spot very late on, he always had very thick (even afro-y) hair. Same as his brothers. On my mothers side, her brother is in his late 40s/50s and still has a full head, and her father (my grandad) is 84 and is slightly bald but still has hair on the sides of his head, so theorietically you would think I'd be ok for at least a while. So I'd really value some opinions to keep my paranoia in check or validate it and suggest some treatment options. Thanks in advance!