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  1. Hello Everyone,I am 5 days post op from my surgery in Turkey with Dr. Ilhan. I got it done Friday March 8th. This is actually my second operation, my first op (I got it done in the US) did not produce the results that I had hoped. Dr. Ilhan was recommended to me by a friend (with straight hair) who got their hair done and it looked great. But in my experience so far, afro hair is much more difficult to deal with than straight hair. Dr. Ilhan was confident that he would try to harvest 2000-2500 grafts for my needs. I was very detailed in the emails just to make sure he understood the texture of my hair before I made the trip. He was very patient in answering, he said he was confident, but if he didn't think he could do it, he would cancel the operation.I was there for 4 days and 3 nights. They normally do 3 days and 2 nights but since I already purchased my flight Dr. Ilhan took care of the extra night at the hotel for me without changing extra.We started the procedure around 1 pm and to my knowledge I was the only patient that day. He had a small staff and I liked that. I expected to walk into an assembly line type of situation and it was much more intimate.We discussed my hairline, and one thing I learned from my friend was that he regretted adding hair on the sides of his head by his temples. So I just made sure that my line met the corner of where my line and my sides meet, instead of making new sides. He was worried about my hair texture at first after seeing me in person. And once we started the operation he almost thought about cancelling. But he found a certain texture on my head that he could work with. So he continued.He was very very nice, polite and patient. He made sure I was comfortable and would repeatedly ask if I was in any pain. I was awake though the whole retrieving process. We stopped for lunch and ordered turkish kebabs from a place across the street. It was really good. We resumed for the transplant process, and I pretty much slept all the way through, probably because of the xanax.Let me say this as well, they were fast. In a good way. My first operation was supposed to be at least 1800 grafts and they only pulled 1500. They told me they ran out of time. So I was worried about the same situation happening. But here they pulled more grafts out and in a shorter time if I'm not mistaken.I purchased some shampoo & serum from him to help with the growth and the shock loss. Like I said, my first operation didn't go as I hoped so I was way more open to trying whatever is necessary to receive the desired results.Due to my flight, I did do my first wash when I got back to the states myself. He gave me instructions on how to do so and it was very easy. He also said to contact him if I have any questions for whatever reason, he always responds in a timely manner. Super professional.The angles & photos aren't the most flattering, but I definitely like the way everything looks at this point.If you have any questions let me know and I will try to respond.