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  1. Hi mate, I decided against the laser, too much risk i feel of losing or thinning the surrounding hair. I decided to let it grow out to a number 2 and 3 and I’m pretty happy with the look. if I would wear my hair this short before the smp I would be able to see the scar, so it has helped camouflage to some degree. What do you think?
  2. It can do mate, that is why they did a test patch, the hair stayed the same colour which was a positive, but as for killing the follicle, the two week wait should tell, but even then it will be hard to fully determine if it caused any minor damage. It is set at a much lower setting than what lasers are for hair removal, so that is what I am banking on.
  3. Thanks mate, if all goes to plan, I’ll post another pic in a few weeks after my laser session to show how it has faded, the dermatologist seemed really impressed with the test patch and how the pigment reacted so hopefully one session has some noticeable results
  4. Hi Sean, I have spoken with 3 different places now, they all recommended speaking with a dermatologist about laser removal as they are unable to repair the work that’s been done. i seen a dermatologist today, they did a small test patch with a 1064 laser and got great results. They want me to wait 2 weeks which will give them an indication if the laser killed my hair follicle, that’s my biggest concern. hopefully it will be fine and I can get a few treatments to lighten or hopefully fully remove the dark pigment.
  5. Thank you mate, I’m booked in to another technician tomorrow to get them to take a look, fingers crossed
  6. Hi Melvin, thanks for your opinion. I contacted him twice via text with photos, asking him why it looks the way it does. He advised me that it is only easily days after the treatment and to wait and see what it looks like after a couple of weeks. i then booked an appointment with him for the 14th, which will be just over 2 weeks from my second treatment. what are your thoughts on getting him to add more SMP to the areas below and above the current SMP area? Do you think that will fix it? Or should I just look down the avenue of laser removal? he advised in the initial consu
  7. Thanks fella’s, so it is as bad as I thought. I’m really shocked, as he has a tone of great reviews and photos, I even watched him perform work on another patient. Which looked awesome, I just don’t understand why mine went so wrong. I have asked, multiple times in detail why he has done it this way, but kept getting told to wait and see how it looks in a couple of weeks once the hair grows over it. Which as I mentioned, defeats the purpose. I was hoping to get some feedback that there was some truth in that, and that this ink will fade dramatically, but if anything, it is be
  8. Hi, I am a first time user here, and would love to get some feedback on my concerns of a recent treatment I have had done. I recently had 2 sessions of smp to conceal my scar, I am concerned that the ink chosen is too dark for my natural hair colour, and that the amount of area covered is over the top and unnecessary, it also appears to be blotchy in some areas. i went in to have a 5mm scar covered up almost 2 weeks ago, here on the Gold Coast, I told the technician I planned to wear my hair at a number 1, faded up into my hair on top, which I wear a few inches long usually. in
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