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  1. hey guys here is a 4 month post op update. i think from now on i will see big improvements although until now there is a lot of change as you can compare to the first pictures from before op, hope this is helpful for some.. i will update again at 5 month. one of the photos is with lots of light and the others regular light at my home.
  3. here is a 10 days post op update.. so far so good, i'm happy.
  4. hello all. i had my operation 2 days ago . where do i start from ? wow ! such an Amazing experience ! at first the transfer to the hotel all went fantastic. Muzaffer, well, that guy is an asset to this clinic ! he arranged and helped, answered all my questions, such a nice , honest , patient guy. i am wearing hearing aids because i cant hear well even with them. he made sure that i understand everything and dont miss a thing ! i cant say enough how much appreciation i have for that guy , he was a life saver for me ! one day after i landed in Istanbul, Muzaffel picked me up and we drove to the clinic which was on a 42th floor .. very high . the clinic was super clean and then i saw the doctor, we discussed about the hairline , there was no rushing at all, dr.Demirsoy drew my hairline and i loved it instantly . we started the operation with the local Anesthesia which for me was a lots of pain but i guess its individual to every person . after that the doctor came and done all the extraction himself ! it took around 3 hours ! at first i asked to because i am very bald to try and take the highest grafts possible, they said that they will aim to 3500-4000 grafts depends on my donor area, i was ok with that. finally dr, Demirsoy manged to take 4296 grafts that covering all my front, top and much more closer to the crown then i thought it will be !!! i was super happy with that number ! i was charged by the way only for 4000 grafts , the other 296 was like a bonus to me . after the extraction we took a break and after the doctor came and we did the incisions . the 2 most important parts in the surgery the doctor is doing himself. every incision he made the nurse next to him counts with a counter device each one of the incision he makes so it fit exactly the graft number. the last part two nurses implanted all the grafts. i find dr. Demirsoy super professional , i think i made the best choice i could about my HT . i was suppose to fly back home 2 days later and i asked Muzzafer if i can early my flight by 1 day, he said sure , and moreover refunded me for the night i didn't stay, was also a shock for me, i didn't expect any refunds as i was the one who cancelled from now to now 1 night . what an amazing guy . bottom line, i am very happy with all the service i got and would defiantly recommend to any who think about dr. Derirsoy and his team , i think he is one of the best in Turkey . i will keep this post updated with pictures.