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  1. vikasgupta123

    Hair whorl or hair loss?

    Just a whorl. If u are suffering from hair fall problem then use a natural product or home remedies to stop hair fall problem naturally. Use Coconut oil, onion juice.
  2. vikasgupta123

    Transplant in Asia

    There are many doctors and clinic in Asia. You can select a clinic based on your location and professional skill of the doctor.
  3. vikasgupta123

    Is My Hairloss Caused By Depression And Anxiety?

    Many People have a different reason to hair fall, maybe stress is the reason of your hair fall, Some causes of hair loss are stress, using electronic equipment for styling, the problem in diet and Harmon. But you can prevent your hair from loss, you should use home remedies and take the suggestion of doctor before using any medicine.
  4. vikasgupta123

    Can You Stop Hair Loss Naturally?

    Yes, You can stop hair loss naturally. I advise you to wash your hair regularly, avoid from stress, avoid using electronic tools for styling, use home remedies like as egg, coconut oil and other home remedies.
  5. vikasgupta123

    What Is The Success Rate Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

    If hair transplant treatment is done properly by a good surgeon then the success rate is 98%. You can meet any good dermatologist or you can simply visit Profile Hair Transplant website.
  6. vikasgupta123

    can hats make you bald?

    Wearing hat doesn't make you bald if you wear it sometimes, But wearing tight hat everyday can cause damage to the skin and it could break the hair follicles and create bald batches which is also known as friction alopecia.
  7. vikasgupta123

    How we recommend Hair Transplant Physicians

    Hair loss is a common problem nowadays in both men and women. Hair transplant is a new and advanced technology. Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body. Hair transplantation is a way in which dermatological surgeon moves hair to a bald area of the head. First, you have to consult your doctor than choose your physician. All physician recommend to you according to their requirement which treatment is best for you.
  8. If we talk about FUE hair transplant surgery then its a ray of hope for all hair loss patients. I should prefer this technique to all patients who want minimally invasive, scare-free treatment with high success ratio. You can get more information on FUE hair transplant by searching on the internet or FUE hair transplant at Profile Studios.
  9. vikasgupta123

    How we recommend Hair Transplant Physicians

    The most important decision a patient will make is their choice of physician. The skill, talent, and experience of hair transplant physicians and their staff vary widely, as do the lifelong results.Costomer review also most important to select a surgeon.