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  1. Day 34 So I'm just over a month and thought I would share some thoughts for those looking into the process. Positives: I'm back in my normal routine. Have been pretty much for a couple weeks now. I go out without worry. Even got freaky with two women. Gotta thank the clinic for opening my eyes to the undercut look. The first two weeks are nerve wracking as hell. Not the surgery, but just making sure your grafts are all well-taken care of. But after that I forgot I even had a surgery. Seriously these pics I've taken are the first time I've looked at the recipient area in awhile. Recipient area is not as pink as I thought I would be since I'm more on the pale side. Concerns I do in the back of mind have some doubt about the hairline design. One side is great but then other side is pulled further back where it doesn't meet the hairline. And this is on the side that had worse recession. I'm concerned about the graft count. 1400 grafts seems like a lot for these two areas. I thought I was getting 1300 at first and that was for the frontal region all well. In comparison to others, mine feels like overkill for this small region. I wish Diep used less or covered more area. So now it's just a waiting game. Would love to hear your thoughts! Left: Right: Top:
  2. Day 9 These photos are from after my second washes today of lightly massaging the area. Lots of scabs coming off the recipient area. Some have hair follicles attached to them but it seems perfectly normal as it's day 9 and removing a graft is apparently hard and will always cause bleeding. Left Right
  3. Hi all, I'm currently at Day 8 since my procedure with Dr. Diep. During my consultation, we agreed upon 1300 grafts total should fill in my temples. It ended up being 1400, which I thought some would be planted in the center hairline. But Diep said the hair there is too thick and would only cause shock loss. So I trust him. I also trusted him with a hairline design which he drew up pretty quick. (One side seems a little higher than the other, but we'll see once everything grows in.) Here are few pics from the journey so far: Day 0: Right Left Day 4: Right Left Today Day 8 (after my first contact wash): Right This big scabless, hairless, white strip makes me nervous on this one. I woke up like this before the wash. Left Hopefully this helpful for everyone. Reading your guys progress reports helped me a lot, so I plan to do the same.
  4. How do you recommend cleaning the area? Im following dieps instructions that seem to counter themselves once in awhile. Right now it's just shampoo, and light massage the recipient area with my fingers. So are you saying the grafts died? Or just the hair follicle? I really appreciate the response!
  5. Ok, I'm just worried cause it seems early for hair to shed in that area.
  6. Hey all I woke up with no scabs or grafts in a certain part of the recipient area. I haven't done a contact wash yet, haven't experienced any bleeding or ever hit my head or something like that. Here's what it looked like a few days ago: And here's what I found this morning (Day 8):
  7. Hey all, I poured some pretty hot water by accident on the recipient area. Im at Day 8, will this affect the grafts at all. No bleeding or anything.
  8. Also I think i might have lightly slept on the recipient area last night for a little bit. No bleeding and looks the same. Am I clear? Sorry if I sound like a nervous wreck. That's because I am!
  9. Hey all, I need to go into work for 1 day for a big meeting. I've had 1400 grafts in the temple region. My plan right now is to wear a hat and put a little Dermmatch on the donor. Is this possible for Day 9? Just a side note, it's very common to wear a hat in my office.
  10. Hey all, Some background info: I am 26 about a Norwood 2 just in the temples. I've been on Fin for about two years. No sides, no further loss. So I want to get the temples filled in a bit. I had a consultation with Dr. Diep who said I have nice thick hair and should expect good results. Only problem is my appointment is scheduled for October. I would love to get an surgery in January/February. I'm tired of wearing hats/meticously combing my hair. I'm only this young once. So are there any recommendations? I really appreciate it!