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  1. @HairLossMentor thanks for the advice! I don't mind a scar and like you said SMP could conceal the scar. Currently not on any meds idk if I want to be on fin for the rest of my life. I'm meeting with Dr. Cooley next month I want to see his medical opinion. I'm realistically a Norwood 6 and my grandpa on mother side was bald at an early age however on my dad side he is still a Norwood 1. Got to love genetics
  2. @Melvin-Moderator it doesn't really matter if I can achieve good results/coverage with FUT. What my question is, is it possible to achieve a hair style like this with FUE. If I'm going to have a thin/bald spot in the back with FUT I would op for FUE option.
  3. Here are a few current photos and the last one is before smp when i grew out my hair around 2015. Tell me what you think
  4. A little background about me started losing my hair at 25 with progressive thinning on top. Few years later had SMP done which helped a ton but it has its limits. My question is can I achieve a military style hairstyle (transplant hair from the vertex to frontal area) with FUE? Or is FUT/ FUSS the only option for me. Meeting with Dr. Cooley next month.