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  1. Eugenix Hair solutions, They brought out a new me. Like every alopecia patient, i was piled up medicines, sprays and home remedies until i finally decided to go for hair transplant. After a lot of research i met Dr. Arika and Dr. Pradeep who talked away my apprehensions and told me the benefits of the procedure. The procedure in Oct 2017 was itself totally painless and i as a Surgeon can assure that nothing can be less painless except not getting done anything. i went home and started my daily chores after one day and was back in hospital seeing my OPD and OT after 3 days. The shedding period i sailed through with constant boost up and advice from Dr. Arika and Nelson who kept me in high spirits that this is a natural thing to happen . # months after the procedure the magic started to happen . the growth was phenomenal and all my known too people were astonished to see how a single day procedure can change your life . now as a person i am more confident than what i was a year ago and i am more social too. all thanks to them . Truly amazing and professional environment here at eugenix. If you want your hair worries to go, EUGENIX IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!! Dr. Amit K Rana MS(ENT) Bareilly, India