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  1. Thank you so much i hope many more who are hesitant in getting this done come out and get it rather than cropping head in pics and falling prey to unqualified or undersigned surgeons who give a permanent scar on patient s confidence and scare away others from such a procedure
  2. Hi, I don't know if they are recommended in this forum or not , I am unsure about it , but with the results I got and the way my experience goes , I would highly recommend Dr Arika Bansal and Dr Pradeep Sethi for anyone who is looking for a good pain-free procedure and natural looking realistic hairline . I am very happy with the decision I took .
  3. Eugenix Hair solutions, They brought out a new me. Like every alopecia patient, i was piled up medicines, sprays and home remedies until i finally decided to go for hair transplant. After a lot of research i met Dr. Arika and Dr. Pradeep who talked away my apprehensions and told me the benefits of the procedure. The procedure in Oct 2017 was itself totally painless and i as a Surgeon can assure that nothing can be less painless except not getting done anything. i went home and started my daily chores after one day and was back in hospital seeing my OPD and OT after 3 days. The shedding period i sailed through with constant boost up and advice from Dr. Arika and Nelson who kept me in high spirits that this is a natural thing to happen . # months after the procedure the magic started to happen . the growth was phenomenal and all my known too people were astonished to see how a single day procedure can change your life . now as a person i am more confident than what i was a year ago and i am more social too. all thanks to them . Truly amazing and professional environment here at eugenix. If you want your hair worries to go, EUGENIX IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!! Dr. Amit K Rana MS(ENT) Bareilly, India