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  1. I was reading through the FAQ's on Dr Bhatti's website, and one of the things I noticed was that he recommends not using finasteride three months prior to a procedure. " Should I take Finasteride before the procedure to thicken my hair and so you can get more grafts? "Absolutely not! Finasteride should never be taken before the surgery. It will sustain thinning hair and the quality of grafts taken will be indeterminate. The hair maintained with Finasteride before the procedure will not grow well when you will stop Finasteride 6 months after the procedure. It will the
  2. Thanks for your feedback guys, I've decided I will go to India and see Dr Bhatti. Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, I was hoping I could get some advice about travelling overseas for a procedure. Surgeons here in Australia are very expensive and it's very hard to find much feedback on them. So I'm looking at heading abroad. I'm leaning heavily towards Dr Bhatti in India. He has lots of good reviews and his prices are very reasonable. I could also catch the Aussies playing cricket over there if I time it right. All sounds a bit too good to be true though. Dr Path in Thailand is also an option, he also has many good reviews. The other thing I'm confused about is whe
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