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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I suppose it's just a matter of whether I'll still look 'presentable' with the scars.
  2. I do have a small amount of hairless. I am looking to have my hairline straightened. I sometimes fade my hair to a 0 guard, keeping some hair on the top. I want to keep the procedure small and conservative in order to minimize the scarring. Does anyone have any pictures of patients with shaved donors?
  3. Hey guys, If I had a small procedure of no more than 1000 grafts, probably in the 500-800 range, how noticeable would the scarring be in the donor area. I am going to have some hairline work done and would still like the option to buzz my hair to a #1 or #0 guard. Mixed answers seem to always come up with the question of FUE donor scarring, but any input would help. Thank you!