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  1. Hey guys, Recently had a consultation with a renowned surgeon and he suggested to perform a FUE using ~1000 beard grafts in addition to ~2500 grafts from the back of my hair, to improve the outcome of my HT. I like the idea as I don't have the best donor capacity and I would like to safe myself the option for second transplant. There are quite a few cases of beard to head hair transplants now, but mostly all of them are for black-haired patients. I was wondering if anyone has come across cases for blond and/or brown-haired patients were beard grafts were used in addition to regular donor grafts, as I'm just curious how natural the results are and if you can distinguish between beard and regular grafts after the HT. I will also continue to search the forum and post any cases of blond/brown-haired patients were beard grafts were used. Thanks!!