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  1. Hello MoeFall, thought I'd step in here and provide some advice based on my experience with Doc Gupta, since I have actually had 3 transplants at SureHair where he is the medical director, I would say that yes this man has and does take on an awful lot he seems very ambitious, and I have spoken to him at times when he seemed tired and somewhat stressed, and I have also spoken to him when he was lively and relaxed , but the bottom line, the thing to keep your eye on are the results he is providing, and truth be told I have seen a number of their clients and I am one myself the results are second to none, excellent density and probably some of the best graft implantation techniques/work in North America since most of their surgical techniques where developed by one of the foremost pioneers of modern hair transplantation himself Dr. Seager. I would say his results are on par with Hasson & Wong, or Rahal, maybe in some instances, your could say Rahal was better or Gupta was better, but my experience has been having gone through it that Doc Gupta has an amazing team to work with and they have a boatload of experience, the best part for me was I didn't have to pay anywhere near Rahal or Hasson & Wong prices. So I would say yea give them your time and attention and compare them to the others you are considered, they delivered for me.