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  1. Thanks Phil. I’ll update everyone soon. I’m at about 10 weeks
  2. Yes Matt we did speak on the phone. Thanks for giving me great advice! Phil - sorry but that wasn’t me 😂
  3. Neither the donor area or recipient area was shaven. The doctor did however trim the donor area a bit but it was unnoticeable. As for pics, I unfortunately want to be super discrete about this (hence the message in the first place) and am not comfortable sharing pics. All I can tell you with conviction is that my hair looks almost exactly as it did before the surgery and has looked that way since a week out.
  4. I felt compelled to help out those who may be as nervous as I was about moving forward with a ht. I didn’t want anyone to know and was very concerned about even the shedding post op. I am thrilled to say that the procedure was incredibly smooth and unnoticeable. Thankfully I haven’t experienced very much if any shedding and have been going about my business regularly. Now I’m just waiting excitingly for growth.
  5. Having FUE in may can't wait. I'll keep everyone posted
  6. Happy to chat with anyone and everyone. I'm scheduled for Nov 19th and very apprehensive about the whole thing. Harry has been very helpful.
  7. Any Konior patients in NY that would be open to talking and potentially meeting? I am very discrete. Thanks so much.
  8. I posted once before but only received a few replies. I need help with my hairline and visited Dr. Konior who has a stellar reputation. But there are very limited photos online or on here. I know that I'd be in great hands but is there someone else for hairline that I absolutely should be meeting with? Any patients with photos? I don't need a mega session just about 1000 -1500 grafts to improve the hairline. I am incredibly nervous about the natural look of the result and having a lot of anxiety over this. I know some on here are less anxious but for those of you who can relate, I'd so appreciate any information you could give. For me this is very scary. So if you happen to be a Konior patient and have a heart could we please chat? Thanks so much for your time.
  9. As I’ve mentioned before I would be using Dr Raymond Konior who I really enjoyed meeting with and has a stellar reputation.
  10. I’m not concerned about the immediate aftermath. I’m concerned about the overall transplant being detectable. I have consulted with Dr. Konior.
  11. I’ll be brief. My main concern in moving forward with a transplant is long term detectability. I have seen great pics and not so great pics. I visited with Dr. Konior and he was wonderful but of course no one can guarantee that it will be completely discrete and undetectable. I am not referring to post op but rather the transplant itself. Anyone have pics of themselves in real life and not in an office that aren’t super close up? I find it very hard to tell with these super close ups. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I almost pulled the trigger but panicked.