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  1. 17 days post op pic. All scabs have come off. Just waiting now. This is my 4th HT.
  2. LiLBaldy

    QUESTION for a Doctor

    Thanks for the replies! Just had a HT done by Dr. Scott Alexander 11 days ago. I was just curious how SMP might affect a future HT.
  3. If I were to get SMP done. Would that make it harder for a surgeon to do a hair transplant on me in the future? Because the SMP would have camaflouge effect. Thanks
  4. Hi Spex, Are there any trusted places in the U.S. that do good ATP work? A place that you your self would go to? Thanks!
  5. I am 1 day post op. I had a FUT procedure with Dr. Scott Alexander. I have had 3 previous procedures from a different doctor. 2 of them were FUE and 1 of them were FUT. This is the 1st time I have gone through Dr. Alexander. I did quite a bit of research on him and decided to go with him based on all the good reviews . I will be posting my progress as the days and months pass. I'm here to get support from others as well as to provide support to anyone else thinking of getting a hair transplant. Dr. Alexander and his staff made me feel Comfortable from beginning to end. He took the time to answer all of my questions and seemed to be very ethical. I flew to Phoenix from Northern Cali to have the procedure done. Dr. Alexander payed for 2 nights hotel stay at a really nice hotel called the ARIZONA BLITMORE RESORT. I attached a couple pics