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  1. Thanks TrixGlendevon I have just messaged Lupanzula's clinic and will get in touch with the others too.
  2. Thanks Postdoc, much appreciated. I would consider doing it abroad if I had some good recommendations and could find a decent amount of reviews etc to give some confidence in the place. Turkey feels a bit out there but could be unfounded. Does anyone have any recommendations for places abroad? Sure there must be a thread on this somewhere i'll take a look.
  3. I think my hairline is fine, and my crown too. Just the top that’s thinned out. Also FYI I was thinking FUT for two reasons, cost is less and you don’t have to shave your head.
  4. Hi all, thanks for the response! I posted this thread just before the site went down to upgrade so I forgot all about it. I have since been to a few more consultations as follows: Wimpole clinic, told 1800-2000 grafts. They're happy to do FUT and Mr May says he's done thousands over his years, cost was quoted £5750 FUT or £6300 FUE. Consultation was with two surgeons, Mr May and his assistant, Kensington Hair Clinic, also said 2000 grafts, cost £6000, consultation with advisor and the surgeon came in for 5 mins to take a look. He advised against FUT as not necessary for numbers and I also have a benign lump on the back of my head in the line where they would take a strip, Vinci Hair Clinic, also said 2000 grafts, they said despite lump on head they can do FUT, prices were £5750 FUT here, or £4500 FUT in malaga. Harley Street Healthcare, this one was very odd. They had obviously rented a very small space in a very posh building just off oxford street for apearance. They said on website the consultation would be with a surgeon but it was with a sales guy who was 6months post op, he went straight into a pitch saying the operation is 3000 grafts FUE etc etc without even looking at my head. However online they have great reviews and he recommended Dr Shuja Chaudhry in their Essex clinic.. also they were £4200 for "up to" 3000 grafts FUE. I will post photos of my hair in a second from my phone. Hi Postdoc, thanks for the advice, but can I ask what makes you say that about Wimpole? Thanks for the names i will check them out!
  5. Hi all, So after about 10 years of gradually thinning all over the top of my head I have decided to have a hair transplant. I’m 32 and have thin hair on top, I’m not bold but it’s defintely noticeable now and I thought I might as well get it done now as a preventative and top it up if necessary later on. After my first consultation at the Wimpole Clinic with Dr. May, I came away with a lot of information and a fairly good feeling about the clinic. They were not pushy and didn’t seem to be giving me the big sell etc. however I would like to visit a few more clinics to compare what they said and also see what you guys think to the advice I got! I have to apologise I’m using my iPhone so have no photos to post currently. Firstly I would like to go for the FUT option, Dr. May says he has done thousands of these over his career which I would tend to believe as he is probably in his mid 50’s, I was told I may need another op later in life as I’m still young in terms of hair loss, again I tend to agree this is possible, Due to the previous point, they said to do around 1800 grafts to avoid damaging hair I still have, and to leave more for if I need another op.. this point I’m not sure about, why not do more grafts now so as that if I loose more hair I won’t need another op because we moved enough to cover it in the first place. Seems possible that there could be an element of, if they do a small amount now then they get to do another op later if I come back? Thanks for any advice! Also has anyone been to the Wimpole Clinic in London? I will post photos pre and post op etc when I get round to doing it later this year!
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