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  1. Hi folks, I have taken the following photos on November 29, that is 5 months and 10 days after surgery. I actually am very concerned about the left side of my hair, as I don’t see much progress there, compared with the right side. what do you think? Thanks in advance for your comments.
  2. Folks I have a question for which I don’t seem to find anything online. I am almost 6 months post-op, and am thinking of going on a 500-calorie deficit for weight loss. As you know, this is a reasonable calorie deficit and I don’t think can be considered crash diet. Do you think this could risk the final outcome of my hair transplant?
  3. Hi folks Here I am. Three and a half months post-op. Time passes as slow as hell. This has been the longest 3 month period in all my life Anyways, I have been on Finasteride and Minoxidil during this period. I have attached a photo that I took recently. I really appreciate your comments. I personally feel like I haven't yet had any growth (which I think is normal, as I have been told it'll start after 4 months). What do you guys think? For the sake of comparison, I have also included a photo I took a few weeks before the surgery. P.S. The growth on the crown area is due to Minoxidil. Thanks so much folks
  4. Dear OtherSyde, Thanks so much for your kind words. For sure, I'll regularly update this thread. Thanks again!
  5. Hey, Thanks for your comment. I stepped inside the clinic at 9A.M., started the surgery around 10 A.M. and was done at 8 P.M. Yes. My main goal was to have the frontal part covered as much as possible and have a low hairline. The pictures were taken the morning after the surgery.
  6. Hi All, I first need to thank this forum and the members. I cannot overstate the impact of this forum throughout my journey. After thoroughly researching this forum and having several phone consultations, I figured out that Shapiro medical group is the right option for me. Given the extensiveness of the surgery I needed (photos are attached), I decided to go with Dr. Shapiro. My surgery was on June 19th (three days ago), and currently I am super pleased with the experience. The surgery itself went very smoothly and I didn't feel even a little pain (that could be because Dr. Paul has an expertise in pain management). Initially we were shooting for 3500-4000 grafts, but we ended up with 4775 grafts (I think it is considered mega-session, right?). I have attached pre- and post-op photos. I appreciate if you give me your feedback. Any comment is very much appreciated.
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