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  1. Hi, Yes they have many patients per day and you only see the doctor a while...but actually I have not heard horror stories about that clinic and I've decided to go to that clinic since I met two people that went there and they are happy and I see them very good looking I will let you on the loop with pictures and stuff
  2. Good afternoon, I am going to put all the evolution with the clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygin, from the first contact until the year of the operation, step by step. Everything I've read in this forum has helped me a lot and I want to do my bit. I'm a kid from Seville who just gave me a reservation to fly to Turkey on June 24, 2018. I'm recommended by someone else (who coincidentally found me in a hairdresser, the issue of the transplant came up and he told me that he had gone to this clinic 7 -8 months before and I was very happy, the truth is that I had very good hair). I contacted the clinic directly (April 14) and at 2 days (April 16) I received an e-mail from a certain Antonio Clinic giving me the instructions and the price offered by € 2,990 for flights from Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona, ​​3 nights stay in Istanbul in a 4 * hotel (with a € 500 supplement for 5 *) and another € 500 supplement for the accompanying person, and a transfer within Istanbul. Antonio told me that I should send photos of the front, side, back and top of the head so that Dr. can see if my case is operable and how many Ufs thinks it is necessary, comment that it will take between 15-20 days to analyze my case (I sent it on April 17). On May 2, I went back to write to Antonio to see if he could put pressure on Dr. since I had to talk to my work to take my vacation so I could have an operation. On May 3, Antonio answers me with the opinion of Dr. and that he estimates that I will get about 3,800 UFs and in the crown area an indeterminate number to assess "in situ". Once at this point Antonio told me that he should contact another person, Danielle, from Aratravel (the agency that carries all the flights, transfer and agenda of Dr. Aygin) ... I told Antonio that he preferred to contract directly with the clinic and that I took care of my planes, hotel, transfer ... but he told me that it was not possible, that everything is packaged and it is not possible. On May 3 I wrote (via whatsapp) to Danielle and asked her for dates. On May 5, he replied that there is availability and that I must send him my information (name, ID, address, flight departure date, departure airport, etc ...), I send it to him and today, May 8, he replies that I have Place reserved for June 24 (which is when I requested) to fly from Malaga. Danielle told me that in 2 days she will send my contract for the operation and flight schedules to my e-mail. For now that's all, I will continue to inform you. I ordered whatsapp and he tells me that I have an e-mail with the contract already, I had 7 days to send the signed contract and the money (€ 450), the rest is paid in cash at the clinic. Please find below a link of my evolution from May 2017 till June 2018 taking Minoxidil and Finasteride http://imgur.com/a/iT6Fdjs In 5 days I'm taking my plane to Istambul for my hair transplant
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