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  1. Thank you guys for your comments. I’m super happy with the result so far and I think I already achieved what I was looking for with a hairtransplant. So if it doesn’t change much from here, I’m still very happy. A lot of relatives and friends have been telling me that my hair was good before and there is not much change but I take that as a compliment that I have got a good natural looking hairtransplalnt :). Here is a picture of a few days pre op and 10 days post op. I think it shows the huge difference greatly.
  2. Thank you Gasthoerer. I’m very happy and excited for the result so far. It looks like to me that most of the grafts are already out and I have to wait for the hairs to grow and mature over time, but it gets harder to observe new hairs growing out as you get more and more coverage so I don’t know. I have no intention of shaving my head any more and I’ll update the forum in a few weeks at 4 months mark.
  3. Hey guys, here are 3 months update photos. I didn’t upload 2 months update because I razor shaved my head every week during the second month time frame. I like the result a lot so far and I think it looks very promising. Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Hey guys, I did a 0 guard shave today and I thought it might be interesting for some people to see how you would look like 40 days post op especially in the donor area.
  5. Thanks Gasthoerer, I’m looking forward to see how this turns out .
  6. Hello guys, here is one month post op update as promised . Not much changes since after losing most of the grafts and almost back to where I was before surgery and maybe a little bit of a shock loss. I can see a few hairs sprouting out in the recipient area here and there.
  7. Sure JohnCasper. I’ll try to submit photots of recipient and donor every 30 days.
  8. Thanks for your well wishes Gasthoerer. I have to give all the credit for the hair line design to Dr. Feriduni though. This is the hairline I wanted but Dr. Feriduni talked me out of it and I am very happy that he did. He told me that a common mistake between hairloss sufferers is that because of the psychological pressure and stress we endure, we usually want to overcorrect the problem. Very interesting fact which is at least true about me I think. I am super happy with his hairline design and I think it fits my face very nicely. He spent a lot of time on my hairline design going back and forth and looking at his work from all possible angles. The man is a true artist. He told me that this part of the job is like a painiting and I have to be paitent with him
  9. Thanks for your comment Melvin. Right now I’ve lost most of the grafts and pretty much back to where I was before the hair transplant. I’ve healed up pretty well though. No obvious sign on the back and slight redness on the recipient area. No sign of shockloss where I had hair before yet. I’ll keep you guys posted in the coming months of my progress with pics.
  10. Hello everyone, I’m a 30 years old male from US and I just had a hair transplant with Dr. Feriduni in Hasselt two weeks ago. I’ve been watching this forum for almost 5 years before I pull the trigger and go for the hair transplant and as you can see this is my first post but I felt like I need to pay back my debt and post my journey since many people here have been an inspiration for me and helped me to make up my mind and go on with the decision. I don’t think I need to talk much about Dr. Feriduni and his team since anybody who has done some research about hair transplant has probably heard his name. He is very patient and meticulous about his job and he took almost two hours to examine my head, calculate donor size and draw the desirable hairline. Day of the surgery Dr. Feriduni applied the anesthetic and then two of his nurses( Ms. Willmots and Ms. Martens if I recall correctly) started the manual extraction. I have to add that Dr. Feriduni told me after the surgery that both nurses have been with him for almost twenty years! During the extraction Dr. Feriduni was constantly checking on me and his team. The extraction took around 3 hours and then I had a short lunch break( Lunch was a super delicious sandwich provided by the clinic ). After the break Dr. Feriduni took over and started with the incisions which took around 2 hours. After the incisions were done,the same nurses took over placing the grafts which took around 3 hours. All in all the whole experience was super smooth with minimal pain although I have somewhat a high pain threshold! I stayed in Hasselt for a week after the surgery and went to the clinic everyday for the hair wash. I’ll try to update this thread of my progress every once in a while. For the starter here are some photos that Dr. Feriduni took when I was in Hasselt. First 6 pics are consultauion 1 day before surgery. Next three pics are 1 day post op. Next 2 pics are 3 days post op and next 6 pics are 6 days post op. Donor pics are 1 day, 3 days, 4 days and 6 days post op 2 pics each day. Let me know if any questions and I’ll try to reply promptly. By the way, I have been on finasteride since 5 years ago and that’s been the only drug I’ve been taking for hairloss.
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