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  1. Thanks What results did you get from the meds you stuck with if any? was there much growth on thinning areas or did they just slow down your current hair loss ?
  2. Hey Guys I'm new to the forum and looking some informed advice, my hair has been thinning for years now, I would say prob about 10 years or so, very gradual .. I turned 40 last month at the moment my hairline is receding on both sides but I can style my hair in such a way that its not really noticeable .. I am also slightly thinning around the crown, again If I style my hair it can be easily covered. My plan is to start a course of meds to see what results I get before planning a procedure if needed. I have read all the pros and cons of all meds online and I guess its like any drug the side effects depend on the individual. My main concern like any guy I suppose is the sexual dysfunction side effects that have been reported, my question is, has anyone experienced these side effect and stopped the meds and everything has returned to normal? Im concerned about permenant damage which would completely put me off trying these. any help appreciated