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  1. I showed him a picture how I looked like when I was 18 (and that I want it to look like it used to be) and he said he got the idea (I was 30 when I did the surgery).
  2. Hi, 2 years after my surgery, I would like to share my experience with Asmed Clinic. Surgery was done Feb 2018. First, I would like to say that the clinic is very clean, and you can feel the experience the moment you step the front door. Secondly, I don't take any medications for my hair. I tried Finasteride for two weeks after surgery, and I had some side effects so I stopped. I also calculated the cost and the idea of taking meds all of my life. I figured out that it's better to do another surgery in the future if needed. I can just say it's one of the best decisions I mad
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