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  1. Has anyone had experience with this stuff? Hairgenics Pronexa Clinical Strength Hair Growth & Regrowth Therapy Hair Loss Shampoo With Biotin, Collagen, and DHT Blockers for Thinning Hair I've been using for months. Seems to be ok, but it's expensive. Anyone else confident in it's ability to prevent hair loss? Or any other suggestions?
  2. Getting better every day! All work was done to frontal hairline.
  3. Is it safe? I’m all healed up and showing good growth.
  4. @hairlossPA glad you asked 🙂 I’m very happy with the hairline density at only 4.5 months! I’m going out without any concealer or hat at this point and feeling confident. I’m a little concerned about the density on top and on crown at the moment. Dr Cooley assured me those areas should see improvement around 9-12 months, considering I got the PRP Acell treatment, as well as started finasteride and daily minox. I’m debating whether or not to continue Nugenix testosterone booster in case that’s contributing. I’m hoping a lot of it is shock loss.
  5. Hey all. 4 month update! I'm finally feeling confident enough to go out without a hat! Density is getting substantial enough that with a little help from a concealer, I've got a solid hairline! If it's already doing this well, I'm excited to see the next 8 months of progress!
  6. Hey all. 4 month update! I'm finally feeling confident enough to go out without a hat! Density is getting substantial enough that with a little help from a concealer, I've got a solid hairline! If it's already doing this well, I'm excited to see the next 8 months of progress!
  7. Thanks for the encouragement @HLPToronto! I've only have frontal HT. Might consider the crown if I don't see results from PRP Acell, Fin, biotin, collagen and Minox over the next year. I'm ok with a little thinning back there so long as it's not a shiny reflection dome ha! As my wife reminds me, I'm 6'5", so few people can even see up there. Aside from the treatments mentioned above, any recommendations on helping growth?
  8. I'm hoping to be on the verge of seeing some real growth. If I squint I can't kind of imagine the hairline, and it's definitely bit thicker than 3 months ago. I'm hoping the PRP Acell as well as the rogaine twice a day and finasteride will thicken the crown, where I didn't have FUT. Dr. Cooley feels confident I should see some thickening there. I've also added biotin, collagen and Pronexa shampoo to my regimen. More to come!
  9. Here's a 3 month update! STARTING to see little follicles and if I squint I can imagine the impending hairline. Started using Hairgenics shampoo, biotin supplement, and cologen. Anything to support the cause.
  10. @jj51702 I'm taking nugenix for a few reason. 1, to offset some sexual side effects of a few other meds (lexapro, finasteride) but also to help slim down and tone muscle. Mostly the libido part though, which I can confirm is working 😂 I ran it by Cooley and he said give it a year, if hair loss is prevalent, we can switch to dutasteride (assuming i wanted to stay on testosterone)
  11. @xadiohead that's just what Cooley prescribed. It's a 5mg pill split in 3's and taken monday, wednesday and friday. But now I'm curious and will ask him about dutasteride. Thanks!
  12. @Raphael84 thank you ! That good to hear because even thought I was warned about shock loss I still worried that things look worse! Patience commence.
  13. This is 4 weeks out from 2000 grafts with Cooley in the front sides. This amount of shedding is normal, right? Just want to make sure the testosterone supplement (Nugenix) isn’t the cause. Been in that about a week, but taking 1.25mg of finasteride 3 times week. Just need some reassurance :)
  14. 4 Week Update! So all has healed up well. The stitches are out and the donor strip no longer feels tight. As you can see, shedding has begun as expected. Gotta say I got kinda attached to those transplanted follicles haha. But excited for new growth! Gonna be wearing a hat for a while longer, as it's in the awkward adolescence stage.
  15. @RecessionProof very cool! How many grafts did you get and with which doc? Be curious to see photos.
  16. @RecessionProof yea I've been SUPER anal retentive about spraying the nutrient spray he provided, keeping it saran wrapped, washing hair every day, taking antiobiotic pills, and drinking 1 Help Hair protein shake a day. Guess that's the ticket!
  17. right on. Let's just say it's a fair price and you will NOT regret a penny of it!
  18. Here's a Day 5 update! Looking less bloody and more like a hairline! Of course I'm not getting too attached to these little guys as I know they're soon to fall out, but I at least get a vision of the future and am very excited!
  19. @Kiwi Guy I'm not sure if his office is ok with disclosing the costs. Anyone know? If so, I'm happy to share 🙂
  20. @Kiwi Guy yes they actually recommended unshaven so as to hide the scar. Not sure if there was a cost difference though.
  21. @mephesto @Kiwi Guy, I'm not sure he took any of the scar, so here's one I tried to take. However, it's nearly impossible because its pretty much INVISIBLE! It's really pretty incredible. Right now it's a little sore, as to be expected, and so in my mind it's much bigger. But I literally can't even find it with the camera. See below. Also, Dr Cooley and Brandi worked side by side the entire time. We had some funny banter than I wasn't sound asleep haha. We didn't spend any extra time in Charlotte unfortunately, bc my wife needed to get back for obligations (cats). So i'm mostly taking it easy at home and trying not to bump my head. @OliverAtom, I decided to got with FUT for several reasons. For one, the price. But also, I'd been advised from many on here that the first procedure is better off FUT because if you do FUE, then you might limit the donor area in the future if you need more. But mostly it was the price. I don't keep my hair too short anyways, so I don't mind the scar. Plus I can always make up some battle story if anyone ever saw it 🙂
  22. @bonkling, mostly Cooley's reputation, and his proximity to my home in Tennessee. His cost was right in the middle. I found cheaper, but from much less reputable surgeons. And I also got quotes from much more expensive surgeons with stellar reps, but it seemed much of their added cost was due to their geography, ie major metropolitan cities like NY or Chicago. So I found Cooley to be the right fit. Thank you for your feedback on Fin! I'll report back on how that goes but I think it's going to be fine.
  23. Hi all! Been lurking here for over a decade and finally saved up enough money AND courage to take the step for FUT. First off, thank you all for the wealth of knowledge and encouragement. This network helped me make my decision in going with Dr. Cooley, plus helped to know what to expect. So, I'll keep it brief right now but happy to answer any questions. I just had the procedure yesterday and am already back home with little to no discomfort. Excellent experience at Cooley's office and seriously painless procedure. Below are some pictures before and after, and I'll be updating these every month or so with progress. FYI, I'm 37yo male. I've only taken Rogaine (no finasteride) for about a decade, though not religiously (that's about to change!). I've also decided to try finasteride at Dr Cooley's recommendation, and hoping for no side effects. My crown is thinning more than I realized, though frontal hairline was really all I was ever concerned about. Ok, so here's the pics so far. Love to hear your thoughts!
  24. Hi everyone. Been reading up here a ton and looking at surgeon options. I've already had a consult at Dr. Parsley's office after high recommendations here. However I didn't meet with him but rather with his associate, Dr. Waldman. I really liked Dr. Waldman personally, but can't find any reviews of his work here or anywhere else. It's hard to discern his work from Dr. Parsley's, though I'm confident Parsley wouldn't partner with a surgeon who is sub par. So just wondering if anyone can vouch for Dr. Waldman's work, OR recommend anyone closer to Tennessee. I met with Dr Fisher years back. Liked him, but also can't find much by way of reviews, other than that he's expensive. Dr. Cooley and Konior are also on my short list. Both their reputations precede them, so if I were to go with either of them it would simply come down to price. Thanks for any input! Big decision!