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  1. I cant tell for sure tho, but mostly maturing/thickness from 6month > 10months I’d say. No worries man, Im very happy myself!
  2. Hi all, Ill make this short as I only wanted to show my results so others can look at dr.demirsoy’s work. I did 2987 grafts in the hairline and paid 1.25€ per graft. The surgery took about 8 hours ~ included a 30min lunchbreak. No signs from the extraction from donor area. Can upload pics if needed. Feel free to ask me questions if you have any. I went for a mature and conservative hairline as Im only 27 and was NW4. I havent noticed any hairloss since 23. Pics from different lightning as you can see.
  3. Wtf dude. Ur balding and ur taking roids without even doing propper research? Stop all roids, do the nolva. Nolva is there to help ur body producing test again, as ur production shuts down when you inject large doses of test. Why did you quit minoxidil/fin? Both fin and minoxidil can make you shed hair in the beginning. Does your liver hurt when you take finasteride?
  4. Thank you for your kind words. Yeah lets hope! Can never have enough hair (on my head that is lol).
  5. Sup bro, no I only use finasteride, no other treatments, as I know with myself that I wont be able to sustain minoxidil twice a day throughout life.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to share some pics from beginning up until now, and recieve a feedback. Currently im 26 years old, lost "all" my hair at the age of 22/23 and have stopped/slowed down since. Im on fin for 2 years now. I was NW4 and I'm now NW2, as I went for a conservative hairline to preserve as much grafts as I can, as I would need at least one more surgery down the line. Im currently at the 6 month mark (3 days until to be exact). I hope I'll see some improvements in density, but if not, I'm happy with my result, knowing where I came from.
  7. Appreciate the feedback. Some improvement is better than none. I would be ok if I didnt see any imorovements, but I wouldnt be like «wow this is amazing». So I hope I’ll see some gains, as I dont feel like there isnt that much more gains to make it look neat. Time will tell I guess.
  8. Yeah I hear ya lol. I dont think there’s any 6month post OP pic/thread I havent browsed. Not even joking, Ive gone through them all lmao.
  9. Happy to hear that. I think I might just be paranoid/greedy lol. I have a good yield, just lacking a slight more density on som areas. Hate this waiting lol..
  10. Hi, Im curious about others experience when it comes to growing and improving density over the time after a HT. When did you exp the most change? Did you notice any notable change from 6-12 month? If yes, what did you exp - new hairs or improved density? Im getting close to my 6month mark, and I'm just not sure if Im satisfied with the density thus far, and I'm starting to get worried that this will be my end result. Also it might be just me that's getting the hair greed and/or expecting to much. Therefor I'd like to know if anyone who have undergone FUE exeperienced any notable growth post 6months? Appreciate all answers.
  11. hi, and thanks for taking the time to reply. I just started fin again yesterday. Gonna try taking it every 4th day for 2months, then repeat with every 3rd day, down til EOD eventually. If I where to undergo a HT i will do it the conservative way and only restore the front, that's whats bothering me the most about my hairloss. Crown ill leave completely. Do you recommend not touching the mid-scalp at all? Or is a little bit ok? Tbh I just want my front/templates to be fixed and Ill be more than pleased.
  12. thank you for taking time to reply to my questions. Im gonna start adding fin slowly again to see if I can prevent any sides. Can you tell me more about the potential shock loss that can occur for patients younger than 25? Is this something of a concern? Im turning 26 in january and wont be able to get a HT before October/November. I read that especially patients younger than 25 was in danger of this. Ill assume fin will counteract this to some extent? Also would it be less of a risk to only get the front fixed bow, rather than filling front, mid-scalp and crown, in regards to end up "funny-looking" later on? Appreciate the help!!
  13. Hi, I just need pro's and con's for whether I should do a HT or not, given my age. I used fin for about 14 months, then stopped due to loss in libido, It killed my lust for sex pretty badly (could still get it up tho) so Im now 4 weeks off propecia fully. Im thinking about starting again at maybe 1.25mg EOD or smaller doses each day. I haven't noticed any hairloss since I started taking fin 14 months ago, but not any regrowth either. I didnt notice the hairloss until I was 23/24 then I started researching, and made the decision to jump on fin. My hairline went to shit and have been like this since. However im really considering a HT in Turkey by Dr. Demirsoy. I'd need about 2800-3200 grafts according to him (and several other surgeons I've been in contact with). However, im slightly worried with going through a procedure like this given my age. Therefor im seeking advice here. I really just want to restore my hairline/templates. My crown isn't really an issue for me. Is this problematic later on? I'm not against another HT later down the road when/if needed. But I feel like this hairloss is taking over my life, and I dont really see myself bother with a HT at 35 (or later) then I'd rather just go bald tbh. These are supposed to be my young good years, and it's tough as hell to be a NW2/3 at 25... Please - give me your tought on what you would do in my situation. See pics attatched (taken today, with no hairstyling in my hair, directly under light). Br wtbhair
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