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  1. I've been using rogaine %% for 2 years and noticed a huge drop in my libido.. I personally don't miss it.
  2. The color thing changing the texture of my hair makes a lot of sense. I'm sort of enlightened reading that as I did notice my hair looks fuller without any color on it. My shedding has slown down since I posted this. Perhaps by next week the shed will reduce back to normal shedding. Visiting an endocrinologist is on the list for my future for sure. Thank you for your input.
  3. I have been using mens rogaine (extra strength) for about 2 years now and am very pleased with the results. It helped fill up the balding I was having at the top of my head and made my hair look fuller over time but occasionally I go through huge sheds that last months and it scares me. Between sheds, I experience little to no hair loss. I even could bleach and color my hair and still see no hair loss but when these sheds happen, they cannot be stopped and it makes me reflect on my whole life and think Im doing something wrong but probably arent. I use rogaine twice a day, have not missed
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