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  1. Nope. I shed immediately post op. After 3 months it started growing. After that i never shed or lost any density in the grafted area. I stoped minoxidil because after 8 months the skin on my head became bery dry and itchy.
  2. I am 38. I used minoxidil for 8 months post op. After that i did not and still not using anything.
  3. Yeah he does great work! Also his price is very acceptable but the main thing is that the results are great!
  4. Hi, i would like to share my personal experience with dr. Erkan Demirsoy. I will not type a long text ill let the results speak for themselves. After searching a lot of clinics(almost a year of online research) i decided to make my surgery with dr. Erkan in Istanbul. I took into factor forum reviews, lots of pre and post op pictures and price. I first contacted Clemens Weber through the Health Travel website and got a fast reply with a offer for my situation. At first i was a little worried about traveling to Turkey and getting surgery done in a clinic based only on online searching but now i would do it all over again if i had to. I landed at the airport and had a driver already waiting on me. He drove me to the hotel and i talked to Clemens over the phone(since i came to Istanbul very late in the evening). The next morning i was greeted by a staff member in the hotel lobby that took me to the clinic. I had a first check up with dr. Erkan and we made a plan of what i wanted my new hairline to look like. He was very professional and explained the whole procedure to me. From the way the grafts are harvested to how they are placed. The surgery was completely painless for me. The first initial shots i felt a bit but nothing bad. The next day i had my first wash and the day after that i left back home. All in all it was a life changing experience for me and the quality of my life has increased. I highly recommend dr Erkan Demirsoy in Istanbul. The first 4 pictures are pre op and post op. Then at 2 weeks, 6 months , 1 year and the last one was taken yesterday at 2 years post op.
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