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  1. I found this response from a HT doctor regarding a patient who was experiencing a similar situation. This case was after 9 months, which would be more concerning. Nonetheless, this was the doctor's response: May 25th, 2016 The stubble hairs are probably shafts from the grafts that were transplanted. These shafts normally would fall out or "shed" 3 to 6 weeks after a transplant.The bulbs remain under the scalp and become dormant for approximately 3 months. Then they grow new hair. In your case the stubble hairs are these originally transplanted grafts shafts that have not shed and are actually trapping a new hair from growing. You can easily tell by gently tugging on the shaft with tweezers. They should come out. And NEW hair should follow.
  2. To those who previously commented, thank you and hello again. I'm at the 2 month mark today. The shedding stopped pretty much after I first posted here 3 weeks ago. All in all, I would say about 50% of the transplanted hair didn't shed. And I would say 50% of the hair that didn't shed still hasn't grown. It's still the same length; stubble when running my finger across it. I'm super confused. Matt, I know you said that grafts that haven't grown or shed will most likely be nudged out by the new growth. That's encouraging, I'm just curious if anyone knows if this a somewhat rare occurrence or if it happens quite often. The math is that about 25% of the the transplant is still stubble. I understand it's early, but it just seems a little concerning. Any more feedback - much appreciated.
  3. Spex, thank you! Yeah, I'm glad I only did one. It came out very, very easy, literally no effort. Yet, I just thought, this might not be good. So it was one and done. Thank you!
  4. Hey matt and gill, thanks for the replies. I understand its still early in the game, so I'm not all too worried. The crusts all fell off exactly by the 2nd week. I was very gentle in removing the crust as to not pick, or scratch. The crust fell off nicely. I didn't have any shedding until about the 3rd week, and since then the shedding has been decent. I know I am restating what I already posted. But yes, in the past week I have started scrubbing more aggressively during shampoo and it's helping with the shedding, but the only hairs that are shedding are the grafts that have grown since the procedure. I'm still wondering about the hairs that haven't grown. I tried to research this on various websites, but I couldn't word my question precisely to find a good answer. I did happen to find one suggestion that said to use tweezers to gently put at the "non-growing" grafts to see if they will easily slide out. The review stated that doing this will remove the blockage and allow the space for the new follicle to start. (matt, I know you said that the new follicle would just push out the old hair) Well, anyways I tried, I took the tweezers, grabbed a hair, and with literally no force, the hair came out, no tension whatsoever; smoothly. Yet, I didn't pull at anymore. I don't want to do anything more to effect the results.
  5. Hey everybody. Of course I have already spoken with my doctor, I would just like some extra feedback. 5 weeks ago I had a FUE for front/crown. In the past 2 weeks a lot of shedding has occurred. My concern is this: There is hair that hasn't shed and is still the same length as the day of the operation. I would also like to mention that there is a lot of hair that hasn't shed that has grown quite well, nearly half inch long already. But again, my concern is that there are many, many grafts that simply have not shed nor grown, they are simply the same length as day 1. Does anyone have any experience with this? Any feedback would be great. Thanks everybody
  6. I try to confirm your friend request, and it says "You don't have permission to do this" and when I try to open my messages, the webpage goes to an Error page. Is there something I still have registered to utilize these options?
  7. Everytime I try to send a private message, the box appears but there in no where to type anything. Just an empty blank box.
  8. Is there a way to get in contact with you, I just received your message but I dont know how to write back
  9. Hello everybody. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to offer. I am currently deciding whether to chose Dr. Suneet or Dr. Kapil for my first HT. Here is my situation: I'm going to do a combination of FUT and FUE. Both doctors have excellent recommendations, but my biggest question is this: I'm most likely going to do 3000-4000 via FUT and 1000-1500 FUE. Hencce, I will be using more grafts from FUT than FUE. From reviews, Dr. Suneet's FUT work is excellent, but there is not so much information on his FUE. From reviews, Dr. Kapil's FUE work is excellent, but not so much information on his FUT. So, what do you think is the best approach? Suneet? Because most of my grafts will be from FUT and that is his most recognized work. or Kapil? Because even though his FUT work isn't as well recognized, his FUE work is excellent. It's a tough decision. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks everybody
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