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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Archibald
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  1. Has anyone tried Cel MD? Both the shampoo and/or the topical treatment using plant stem cells? Any luck? Thanks in advance.
  2. That's a great result. Congrats! And thanks for a very good detailed walk through all of it.
  3. Thanks, Shera. Kind of the number I was expecting to hear. Much appreciated.
  4. Best I can do. I do have Toppik on the top but not on the back.
  5. It's been procedures over years so I'm guessing at around 3,000 grafts used? I don't really know how to take a picture of the donor area.
  6. I’ve had multiple transplants and would love to finally stop using Toppik. My donor site has to be limited. How many more would you suggest to just have enough to not have to conceal anymore?
  7. Well... 9 months since my procedure and my results are pretty bad. Another negative Bosley review. Toppik, hats, living alone... there'/s my future. Accepted.
  8. Looks good. I use the Toppik too and (actually switched to Caboki for a stretch as a had an infection with my last TP and the Caboki was less irritating on it. As good as Toppik is I will say it gets old having to doctor up the do every single day. I haven't gone swimming in 6 years. Hoping this go around of TP makes that possible without me being embarrassed. I thought with just a few days off you can resume Rogaine right after a TP. Did the doctor tell you that you couldn't stay on it?
  9. Great work. What a life changer that is for him. Can you give what area (sq/cm) you covered and what the graft density ended up being? Did a lot with 1500 grafts.
  10. So discouraging. I always feel like I'm in the minority on these averages. lol Sorry you guys took forever on your regrowth too. Trying to focus on the positive that I had a TP over 10 years ago on the hairline so it's all crown and top which are easier to conceal. Literally dreaming of a day I can wake up and walk out the door without hiding my head in some way.
  11. It is because it eliminates the big scar where they cut the strip in the donor area. I went FUT because I always have my hair long anyway and figured I could hide the transplant better if I didn't have to shave my head. Not a good look for me.