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  1. Yes, One of the guys in the Rahal guesthouse at the time wasn't taking it and it defies belief. What is the point?! I met up with him again recently though and it seems he may be considering it. Late is better than never.
  2. I had fairly advanced hairloss all across the top of my head, including the crown. I plan to address the crown again in a future procedure, and Dr Rahal placed the 4000 grafts that I had in the front section. Im pretty tall, so it dosn't worry me too much. Its unrealistic to expect to fix the whole area in one go. I didn't think to post photos of the top of my head, as this area had nothing to do with the transplant, I just posted photos of the results.
  3. I have been taking finasteride for a few years, and still take it. Only an idiot would have 4000 grafts at that expense and not take finasteride after
  4. Hi All, Not posted on here for ages, was going to do a one year big reveal, but thought id post a photo or two now. I was norwood 5A before. What do you think?! Pete.
  5. Hi TJ, I had a quick stalk of your profile to see if I could find any of your before and afters and things, just being nosy, realised your in the UK too. Im starting to see new hairs now, thin and fine, but quite a few of them. Im guessing they thicken up as they grow. I think im close, maybe 3-4 weeks away, from passing the point I started at, as the shaved off hair obviously made me look balder than before for a while. I was always hoping that id have some kind of result by Christmas, and with a week to go, I think its going to be hard to spot, but something is happening. I have attached a microscope picture. This is an area 12x12mm. Pete.
  6. Ok, thats good to hear. He did not so much give me a choice, he more told me what the options were, and told me that the second option was the best, and I agreed with him. I have attached a photo of the top of my head the day after surgery - this is the first time I saw it. This is 4175 grafts, and if you zoom in, you can kinda see how close together the grafts are. This is about 50ish grafts per sq cm average. Pete.
  7. Well I trusted his judgment entirely, and there is always going to be a limit to how many grafts he can get, so the choice is, higher density and cover a smaller area, or spread the available grafts out to a larger area, and still get acceptable density, in my case, 50 g/sqcm. Id rather have decent coverage than have a very thick area right at the front and the top of my head being close to bald! Having said that, he did leave a patch in my crown fairly thin, which I agreed before hand. Im going to consider going back to fill that in at a later date, but for now, im happy with the area he covered, and im confident the density will be good. I think the best thing is to trust him and ask questions, but don't be surprised if you get a blunt response. He is a very no nonsense kind of guy, and he does not seem to sugar coat. He knows his stuff, and my tactic was to just say YES to everything he said, as I totally trust his judgement. No point going to one of the best if your just gonna tell him to do it another way! Pete.
  8. I was quoted 45 grafts per sqcm, and I ended up with 46 average. I think he puts more in at the hairline and stuff. When the grafts were fresh and they still had the original hair in, the density looked good. Pete.
  9. Hmm, Tax evasion! Sounds dodgy, but I guess maybe you can get away with that in Turkey.
  10. I think whatever happens, you will end up with a good result from Rahal. He is known as the 'Hairline king', and even though my hairline has not grown in yet, I have a friend who saw Rahal last year and his has grown and it looks amazing. Just go to rahal! (pending your visa application) Pete.
  11. Ive just had a Rahal 4175 FUT two months ago, and I cant comment too much on your exact query, as I have no experience of Asmed, but I can tell you that Rahal himself and his entire organisation is a very professional and impressive place. Im two and a half months in, my FUT scar is pretty much gone, and my grafts have started growing. FUT seems scary, removing a whole strip of skin is a scary thought, I totally get that, but when your there, in the chair, and its happening, its really not that scary. I will learn more as my grafts grow in, but I have high hopes. Id trust Dr Rahal. He is a very straight talking no nonsense guy and he is very well proven. Canada is also a really nice safe place too. Go to Rahal, you wont regret it!!
  12. Hi All, I had 4175 grafts FUT by Dr Rahal in early October. Im at a month and a half, and I just realised the microscope I use at work to inspect circuit boards and the like, works rather well as a sort of 'pregnant lady ultrasound' for my newly growing grafts. I thought the images might be interesting. I reckon about 3-5 percent of my grafts are growing, and most of those are at 2-3mm or so. There are a few grafts that look like they have made it already to 6-7mm, but they may be the native hairs. The native hairs seem to be very weak and thin and light in colour, whereas the new grafts are very thick, strong and dark, but I guess its possible that some of the old hairs are as thick and as strong as the new ones. I have included a photo taken of a key on my keyboard for scale, and also a photo of a ruler, each division on the ruler is 1mm, so as you will see, the area the microscope covers is about 12.5mm wide (its probably designed as half an inch wide area) I have also included a photo of the back of my head, where the donor strip was taken, to compare density etc, and I have also included a photo of the scar at the side of my head. As you can see, there is a little scab left there and there is an area of no hair in the middle, presumably from shockloss and the scar tissue. Please let me know what you think, and what your theories are on what those little hairs are and how things might change. I will update this thread with more photos as the grafts continue to grow. Pete.
  13. Hi Ernie, So you had 51grafts per sq cm average, and as I had 4175, for me to have the same density as you, then my recepient area needs to be less than 81sq cm. Lets get my ruler out and a mirror.... about 10x9cm, so thats 90sq cm, so pretty damn close. I am half way through month 2 and I can see short little new hairs growing when I look with the microscope. Could you tell me, at what point did you look in the mirror and realise that it had changed? I reckon about 3 percent of my grafts are growing right now, and im wondering if the rest will come in gradually or weather they will all just kinda appear within a few weeks, all together.... Thanks, Pete.