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  1. My hair loss success story After experiencing hair loss and finding a cure for it, I feel passionate about sharing my story – my hope when writing this is to help anyone experiencing hair loss and helping them overcome it. Probably like most of you reading this; I looked in the mirror one morning and discovered I was losing my hair. Statistics tell us that 90% of men, aged eighteen to seventy-five experience some form of hair loss in their life – I was seventeen and this was of no comfort to me. After going through all the emotions of upset and frustration, getting the sinking feeling every time I looked closely at my hairline and asking myself why did this have to happen to me now, I came to a couple of conclusions. Firstly… This sucks. And secondly… surely in this day and age, science must have come up with a solution and I shouldn’t have to go bald. I was right on both accounts. Going bald does suck. It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t make you a bad person, it’s not going to kill you; it just sucks. Plain and simple. But I knew if I did my research and looked for the best possible solution, I would find one. My quest for a hair loss cure started of course, on the internet. I was after a quick fix, it was as though my hair loss was getting worse by the minute and I had to stop it right now. I looked for quick solutions and I found them – product after product, claiming to “regrow your hair in 30 days” and “miracle hair growth capsules”. Now I was faced with the problem of sifting through the rubbish. Which product works? How do I know it isn’t dangerous for me? How will I know if it is working? So I started researching about the science of hair, its growth, health, factors contributing to its growth and its loss. I had to know everything about it in order to fix it. Hair loss is no miraculous disaster and there is no miracle cure as of yet – just science. We can lose our hair for lots of different reasons and re-growing it is purely a scientific matter. Male pattern baldness (MPB) is the most common form of hair loss. The shrinking of your hair follicles caused by a chemical imbalance. Pure and simple. To stop or reverse this process we can trick our body and introduce hormones (risky due to side effects) or we can give our hair follicles the utmost care and help them flourish. Think of your hair follicles as a tropical plant in a greenhouse in Scotland. Left unattended the plant will die; but given heat, humidity and the proper environment, it will bloom. After trying out dozens of products and treatments, I am happy to say that I have found the solution and I have stuck with it for almost three years. I have accomplished my goal and kept my virtually full head of hair. I use three products; Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo (literally replaces your old shampoo), TRX2 (a food supplement in tablet form) and Minoxidil supplied to me by The Belgravia Centre (applied to your scalp in liquid and cream form on a morning and on a night). So there it is, the only safe and reliable hair loss treatment that has worked for me. I hope this short article helps anyone that is looking for a solution for hair loss. If you are still sceptical; give it a go, what’s the worst that could happen?
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