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  1. Thanks for the reply Spanker. I really am just beginning to process all of this and wobble between freaking out and staying calm. My main concern is the grooves getting worse over time. I wonder if the condition can go dormant for years and then begin again? Seems strange but then most of the workings of the human body are. Are your ridges soft or spongy like the textbooks say or are they hard to the touch? Seems like most of the severe cases are younger, it almost seems that it occurs during puberty and that once the hormones settle down things stabilize (hopefully). Going to have my free testosterone levels checked tomorrow b/c all I've read says CVG makes them low due to the increased usage of T by peripheral tissue. I'll post some pics when I get a chance, but thanks for the discussion it's definitely cathartic. By the way I have been able to find a few cases where subcision with fat injection or dermal filler has made improvements in appearance so I'm hopeful.
  2. Just buzzed my hair to see what I have to look forward to in a few years and noticed I have two small ridges on both sides of my head high on the scalp towards the back. They are not noticeable unless my hair is very short, a two or three guard. After an internet search I have self diagnosed as a mild case of cutis verticis gyrata. There is not a whole lot of info out there, so I'd like to start a discussion here with personal experiences. Here's my story: 1. I know the ridges have been present for at least ten years, I actually have a picture where my hair was extremely short and you can see the same pattern. 2. I'm 44 now and I don't think the ridges have grown or changed at all the last ten years. I bring this up because all the limited info online states that it is a progressive disease, but the few case studies I've been able to read usually mention an adolescent onset and no change for a number of years. Is it possible that the condition starts and runs its course through adolescence? Has anyone noticed changes to their condition later in life? 3. My ridges are relatively small, the longest may be 2 1/2 inches and I don't really have a furrow more like a small depression between the two probably 1/8 inch deep and wide and they seem really straight. The ridges are definitely not soft or spongy like the most websites describe, they are hard and I thought it was bone until recently. I don't really notice any difference in hair thickness between the two, in fact my hair is thickest where the ridges are. I'm thinning at the temples and frontal area. 4. Is it possible that I don't have CVG at all and just have a little extra tissue on my scalp in a couple of places? I went to see a surgeon about the condition because I want to buzz my hair short and he's the one that told me the ridges were soft tissue ( I though they were bony bumps in the skull) and that some people have them. 5. My surgeon recommended filling the depressions with a dermal filler, so I'm currently considering that option. I started this thread because after three days of searching for info, I realize that it just isn't out there. I'm looking for personal stories and experiences. Thanks and good luck to all those dealing with this issue.
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