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  1. Yeah, know he tends to be more expensive... Not sure if it's the whole Harley street thing! As I've said, I've seen some really good results from him.. But only time will tell what my result will be now! Thanks petchski
  2. Of course you could go anywhere in the world for a ht, it's all down to personal choice.. As I said before, my choice was always going to be with the surgeon that I felt could give me the best results, I'm only two days post op at the moment.. So who knows what those results will be yet... And to be honest I'm worried as hell, but one thing I know is that I trust the doc and his team fully, which is all I could've asked from a surgeon. The decision to have a ht is a massive one, financially, emotionally etc. If you look at some of dr.reddys results, which I have seen alot more than that have been put online, I personally think I made the right choice, if you get a ht for 2000k or 30,000k results have to be the key, finances really shouldn't come into it within reason obviously! Haha the good thing about forums is that people can see/ read people's experiences and make there own choices, as I said in an earlier post, no one has infinite donor.. So think it's wise to make every graft count! I personally wouldn't have a ht in another country just so I can feel like id have a little holiday at the same time, or because it was so much cheaper... But again, it's everyone's personal choice, all we can can do is try to help eachother out by sharing our experiences/results. Now all I've got to do is work out how to get some pics on this thread!! Haha Cheers guys
  3. Hi Johnboy, yeah, I'm not sure why the pricing is like that, I'll find out graft numbers from the doc on Tuesday and let you know, I'm sure it can work the other way too, where you might have alot of singles for hairline etc and obviously being charged more per graft. But agreed price per graft seems to be the norm. Thanks Matt
  4. Hi, yes, I agree with the pricing structure... And again, you might end up paying a little bit more than other clinics, for me that wasn't a factor, I chose the surgeon and clinic purely on results and testimonies that I have seen, if money is the thing you worry about most when getting a ht then I think you need to be quite careful, it definately shouldn't be the overriding factor. you've only got limited donor.. Why not go to the surgeon you think can give you the best results. I'm going back to see the doc on Tuesday for a quick check of donor, make sure it's healing well... I'll get the full counts from him then and post up. Thanks wizz, as I said in op I was very surprised about donor too... Looks really good already, now it's just a waiting game!! Cheers everyone
  5. Not sure how to get albums on thread from iPhone, but there's a couple of pics on my profile, I'll get some better ones tomorrow. Thanks
  6. Hi mike, I had the op at the private clinic in Harley street...the cost for 5500 hairs was ?13750, it's ?2.50 a hair, I've done a lot of research over the last 8 or 9 months, and for me dr. Reddys results were coming out the best from what I have seen and heard from other forum members, so far I haven't had any swelling, which is normally due to anaesthetic I believe, the dr is careful not to administer too much to help with this, and no pain in donor or recipient area at all, when I looked at donor for first time this morning, I was very surprised, everything looked really good, in most parts you have to look really closely to see any grafts have been taken, was expecting the back of my head to look a right mess.. Again, I think it's a good testament to the team. The whole head was shaved with clippers, I've got the worst shaped head imaginable and that was worrying me the most!.. But you do get used to it.. You can wear a loose cap/hat after a few days anyway. Honestly couldn't recommend them enough.. The whole team were great and really put me at ease, I'll def get some pics up asap as well. Cheers Matt
  7. Hi, just wanted to post my experience of my fue hair transplant I've just had on the 15th/16th Dec, I had my surgery with dr. Raghu reddy at the private clinic in Harley street. I've been receding for about 20 years, so decided to do something about it! After my initial consultation with dr. Reddy and David (patient co ordinator) it was decided I would need about 5500 hairs to be transplanted, which I was happy with, I've got slight thinning in the crown, but the dr agreed it wouldn't be worth surgery at this time, so we decided to concentrate on the frontal area. The day of surgery I was quite anxious, not knowing what to expect etc, but all of the team were friendly and put me at ease very quickly, the team worked together very well, they've been together for a number of years, so know exactly how each other work which I think is a very definite bonus. The surgery itself was painless ( think the worst part was having to have my head shaved!) only slight Little scratches when applying anaesthetic, definately less pain than I was expecting! In the morning they will do the extraction, then a break for lunch, they give you a menu in morning to choose what you would like to have, then back again in afternoon for implantation. As with all clinics, I think you find senior technicians help the surgeon with extraction/implantation as well, shiva (extraction) umar (implantation) they were both brilliant as well, the time went very quickly, could watch tv, talk to the dr and technicians as well. I'm extremely happy with the hairline design as well, which was something I was worried about, Dr. Reddy, shiva and umar spent a good amount of time making sure it looked right, which I was really pleased about as its now permanent! I did alot of research before I chose my doctor and clinic, as I think everyone should as its such a big step, and I'm really pleased I chose Dr.reddy and team, the donor site the morning after I was quite shocked at, I was expecting a bloody mess of holes everywhere, which I'm seen plenty of times online in my research, But in all honestly I could barely see the extraction pointswhich is a testament to the skill of the team, and also I haven't had any pain at all:..it hasn't been just the surgery I've been happy with but also the way I was looked after by everyone at the clinic, the whole thing was great from start to finish, if anyone is thinking of having a procedure, obviously do your homework and take your time when choosing your surgeon, I'll get some pics up as soon as possible if anyone is interested, I'll keep updating as well, to let you know my progress, if anyone has any questions about the procedure or clinic just let me know. Thanks
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