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  1. 4 months and 6 days update... I like the growth at the left side, and the density seems right there. But the right side is lagging behind. I hope it catches up in the next few months.
  2. I didn`t ask that but he used a motorized punch to extract the grafts. I assume your HT was done manually.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I wasn`t expecting it to match the density of the rest of my hair. And the doctor had already told me that it wouldn`t be as dense in a single session of HT. I will be happy if the final result looks natural. so I will wait and see.
  4. I talked to the doctor today. He told me that shedding at this stage is normal and that is why the HT area looks not as dense as it should be. Here are the pictures he took at the day of HT.
  5. Ok guys, today is the 10th day. I gently massaged the HT area again while taking bath, and many pieces of hair ended up on my fingers just like it happened yesterday. The ones you see in the pictures below are just a small portion of the hair I lost today and yesterday. as far as I can see they are all just hair, no follicles attached to them and they all come from the HT area. Is shedding that early normal? And could that be the reason why the transplanted hair looks less dense than it should be?
  6. It took about 4 hours. As I said I won't reveal the doctor's name before I see the final result. I will keep the thread updated so we wil see.
  7. No unfortunately I don't have any pre-op pictures. But I will ask for them when I contact the doctor.
  8. I don`t know if they counted the grafts but the HT area was bigger than it seems in the pictures. There were also many grafts transplanted in between the existing hair. They are not visible anymore in the pictures. Maybe that`s why it looks less than 2000 grafts.
  9. He just told me that it wouldn't be possible to get close to the density of the rest of my hair with just one session of HT. I usually keep my hair long. So I will wait at least for a year to see the final result. If It turns out to have a natural look I wouldn't bother having another HT.
  10. That's very similar. How long has it been since your HT in that picture? I won't reveal the doctor's name without seeing the result, but I can say that he is not one of those well known doctors on this forum. I also think because the rest of my hair is quite dense, it makes the HT area look worse than it is.
  11. Hi all, Today is the 9th day after HT. I gently massaged the HT area while taking bath today and most of the scabs are gone. After the massage, I saw many hairs on my fingers . They were mostly just hair and there was nothing attached to them. Just a few of them were attached to scabs. Is it normal to have shedding that early on the 9th day? I`m also very concerned about the density of the new grafts as they look a bit sparsely placed to me. I`m not expecting to have them as dense as the rest of my hair. I just want to have a hairline that will be dense enough to look natural. Do you think the density will be fine?
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