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  1. Hello everyone! I had 2,160 grants FUT strip with Dr. Carman from La jolla hair restoration on the 1st of Oct- 09, I would like to briefly share my HT experience with you. After reading countless Surgery reviews /HT experience, and meeting up with three doctors here in Sydney, I pretty much knew what to expect from a HT. And since I was after a quality doctor regardless of the cost , I decided to travel from Sydney to san Diego to have a holiday there and get my procedure done by Dr Timothy Carman . I was pleasantly surprised that it was less traumatic then I had anticipated. In fact, I didn't even know the strip was removed! On the day of the procedure Dr. Carman & his tech staff were very proficient & kept me comfortable & relatively pain free during the whole time. I dozed in & out while Dr. Carman / his staff worked on me Dr, Carman was very friendly and throughout the process made sure that I was comfortable & pain free. 9 days gone after the procedure and I'm so happy about the outcome so far and cant wait to see the final results in one year time. Finally, I would like to thank the contributors on this forum who helped me make a wise decision on choosing a HT doc.. Plus I highly recommend Dr. Carman & would like to thank him and thank Pam (the admin lady ) plus all the technicians for a truly great experience, so If you are looking for a doctor who truly cares I suggest you go see Doc Carman *** Thank you.