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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. When is it safe to start using a hat after a transplant? I realize you want to be very careful the first couple of weeks but at what point is it okay to wear a hat for long periods of time? Should it be tight fitting or should you wait a couple months to wear tight fitting hats? Thank you @Dr Blake Bloxham as well for the your comment.
  2. I too would like to know more about this. If anyone had more information on this please share. I'm curious since I'll possibly be scheduling my HT in the summer time.
  3. Can't wait to see your story legend! I'm planning on going with hasson and wong next year. Very excited for you ; hope it will be awesome.
  4. Hi guys not sure if anyone has answers to these questions but... Does anyone know if after an HT procedure how long patients have to wait to donate blood and more specifically plasma? A friend has gotten me into donating plasma and I'm curious how long I would have to wait to donate. Currently you're allowed to donate plasma twice a week; as long as you're not diabetic and HIV free. In addition, something I also read while reading about fin and Proscar on the internet if anyone can confirm this too is that you're not allowed to donate blood or plasma since they don't seperate men and women's blood when donating which doesn't make much since to me. Thanks
  5. Wow this result looks amazing! I bet this guy is really happy. Just curious Doug is this guy on any medication? Fen or Minoxidil? If so, did he take it for a while before the procedure?
  6. Dr Lindsey this is definitely an informative video and great turn out. I really like your calm and very generous attitude. I think the patient is more than excited for the outcome. Is the patient using finasteride? Do you think the patient will need to come later in life after these 2 hts? Sorry if I missed it in the video or in your write up but what was the total number of grafts after both sessions? This video absolutely encourages me!
  7. Hello all, I've been wanting to get on finasteride for sometime now but I can't get a doctors appointment for a couple of months (darn hmo) . In the mean time until my appointment I was considering hims; has anyone used this company? Do they sell generic? I'm not sure what's the going price but are they overpriced(hims sells it for $28.50 on their website for a month supply) ? Once I get a perscription from my doctor; should I ditch them all together and then go to Walmart for my prescription? Or should I just be patient for my doctor's appointment? Thank you all for your input!
  8. Hey Melvin Htsoon, have you experimented growing your hair longer? Is it personal preference how long you have your hair? I was curious if transplanted hair just doesnt look right too long and thought you'd be the perfect person to ask. I remember watching a video that the hair transplant mentor put up on you tube saying that transplanted hair just didn't seem right grown own long or maybe that was just his personal preference. In any case, has it been something you've considered? Thanks for the feedback.
  9. HTSoon (Melvin) Congratulations! I know Bill made a great desicion and I hope you'll enjoy this new career.
  10. Wow Matt, just saw your thread. Did you talk to the doctor about this? I think you're still a little early in being concerned even if you're thinking the top is looking a little thin. Can anyone else chime in on this about shock loss happening in an area where he didn't have the HT done? I'm very surprised in seeing this; I'm no expert but I've seen plenty of results on this forum and have never seen shock loss happening in area where the person didn't even have the HT. I'll agree with you when you're saying there's some thinning; do you have any pictures to compare it to? Maybe consider taking supplements such as Biotin and possibly consider Propecia. Hopefully this is just a phase or something and it'll start thickening up.
  11. zaxter, I'm completely amazed by the pictures I've been reading your thread since the beginning and just wow! You're healing very nicely and the results nothing less than amazing. May I ask are you using fin/propecia or minoxidil? Honestly, I keep seeing results like these in this forum and it encourages me every day that the best decision is Hasson and Wong.... I'm getting pretty close to making my appointment for my first HT; so maybe you can help encourage me while I go through all the tough phases. I appreciate you being so persistent in positing your pictures and your thoughts it really helps in my decision making. Thank you
  12. Wow just wow...These type of results keep pushing me towards H&W. Hey Doug is the patient currently using any medication such as fin or propecia?