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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Hallo Radu! I saw the 4 month photo and it is true, the density will be higher. The 6 month photo looks like you never had a problem. Bravo! Maybe I will see you face to face if you are in Bucharest.
  2. Thanks Arrie, Dr Felix is doing a great job. I am fully satisfied with my result and I can tell that nobody can say that I had a HT.I intend to lower my hairline even more, but I just think about it...
  3. Hello again! here are some pics from my 3 months evaluation. i am a little bit scared because some friends told me that I have to be more bold. They said that my hair should rise in the 6-th month. Doctor told me that he used hypothermosol and for this reason I have more hair in the third month. I am complete satisfied even like this but as I understand, I have only half now and I have to wait for the other half... Thanks for your attention!
  4. Hi again! My postop recommendation said that I have to use at least 1 year Rogaine 5% Foam and Finasteride 1 mg. It is absolutely necessary? Many friends scare me about the side effects... The biotine and MSM looks that I have to take them as long as I want. Thanks again for your support!
  5. Hi Scar! I have not any idea what is the name of the pen but certanly looks like the Choi pen... Now is about a month and I think all goes for good. Nobody can say that I have done something, only that I am looking better... Happy! Cheers!
  6. Yes! He said to wait 3 weeks after the implanted area is clean. Just want to see also other advices. Thanks again mate!
  7. Thanks mate! So the implanted hairs should be cut after 1 month.
  8. Thanks guys! I will try to present pictures every month. What about haircut?
  9. Hello again! I have done some pictures after 2 weeks. Looks like the healing is really fast. At the back side you can't see that I have done anything. The same is in the the implanted area. The angle of the hairs and density are identical with my original hair and, except a very small difference of the texture, you can't say that I have done a hair transplant. So far so good. Me very happy . Does anyone know when can I go to a hairdresser? Thank you guys. I will appreciate any feedback.
  10. Thank you guys! There are not too many HT clinics in Romania. This one (Dr. Felix Popescu) is considered with the best quality (density and natural aspect) but because they are doing manual FUE the amount performed is limited. My other option was to fly to Istambul to a cheap clinic where they do motorized FUE. They told me they can do up to 5500 grafts in two days but they have very poor results. By the way it is possible to have 5500 grafts in one session by FUE? My Romanian doctor explain me that more than 3000 split in two days is almost impossible. And please if anyone can tell me if 4000 Euro for my session is a fair price? Thank you again, Almost forgot. The implantation have been done with a pen, something that look like a big syringe.
  11. Hi everybody, I just had a HT in Bucharest Romania at Dr. Felix Popescu clinic. I had 2 days session for my N 4 problem. I ask for a feedback from you regarding my postop 7 days now. I have done my ht for restoring my hairline (first day) and my crown second day. The doctor (dr. Felix Popescu) recommend me for the crown area to save as much as possible the existing hair by a treatment based on Propecia and Rogaine Foam because I am too young (28 years old). My session was actually one and a half days. First day I had 1550 Grafts (manual extraction) and next day 800 grafts. I will appreciate your feedback and please excuse my English. Here are some pictures just received from the clinic. Thank you guys!
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