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    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
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    Norwood V
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Rogaine Foam
  1. So started at 9 finished at 6. Unfortunately, i could only get about 2800 - to add to the front and middle. Anymore and it would have been out of the safe zone. So i will just have to wear my hear short from now on. Dr Doganay wanted to make sure I knew that I i would still be be bald on crown - and i realistic -which i was.....but all in all, great staff, friendly, professional, went out of their way to make sure i was happy with hotel, etc. pics soon
  2. Yeah, I went to my bank and took out Euros: Large bills (500's). Long flight: Toronto to Frankfurt. Frankfurt to Istanbul. Istanbul to Antalya. Just made my flight from Istanbul to Antalya - not a good experience at Istanbul Airport: Not many speak english, i was directed into 2 wrong line ups: So give yourself a little extra time I was picked up by a Didem who works at the clinic and driven to the hotel: I'm up a little early- my surgery is in a few hours. So, I will discuss with the dr and his assistant the plan of attack. I shaved my head using a 3 - a few days ago. I am an nw5 - after sending pics to the dr he said i could get 4 to 5000 - but i have a feeling it won't be that much -we'll see (and my beard or lack thereof isn't an option) To be continued.... ,
  3. Yup. I know H&W are great. BUT, i did not want to deal with the scar. Longer recovery (until the scar is completely un-noticeable) and too many what if's concerning the scar.
  4. I will be flying in from T.O as well. Toronto to Frankfurt Frankfurt to Istanbul. Istanbul to Antalya. Then direct home from Istanbul. I will keep write about my ordeal and post pics. w
  5. I will be traveling to Turkey for a date with Dr Hakan Doganay on Dec 19-20. Hoping to get at least 4000 grafts FUE. I am an NW5 and originally had dates booked with H&W (who were very accommodating) but did not want to deal with the scar and the longer recovery time. I will try and keep everyone updated with pics. wolf
  6. I am seeing Dr Hakan in Dec and am from Canada? What airline(s) are you flying there with? And how are you getting to Antalya? Sorry don't mean to hijack the thread! w
  7. Personally, I just haven't seen enough of Bhatti's results.
  8. I did, even had a skpe consullt with Dr Bhatti, very capable, him but I felt more comfortable with Dr Hakan Doganay only because he has more documented higher FUE cases. Good luck to you as well!!
  9. All things considered your hair loss is not that bad. 3000 grafts should help you quite a bit. You're doing yourself right be getting consults: Rahal, Konior, H&W all good stalwarts of FUT. As for Dr Radha, she is recommended on this site and that makes her legit. Yes, she is much cheaper. You'll just have to consider the travel etc. I even had her and H&W on my ever changing list because I couldn't decide between FUT and FUE AND I need 4000 plus grafts. But i decided to go with Dr Hakan Doganay for FUE…. So bottom line, between Rahal and Radha there is no wrong choice. And if money is a big obstacle for you, (which in reality has to be considered) I'd go with Radha. My two cents w
  10. Even though I have haven't had a HT with him, I too have been in contact with him and his rep and have scheduled a HT for DEC. They both have always replied and answered all my questions. More importantly, I have researched his work for months and his results speak for themselves. I think you've made a wise choice and are in good hands. w
  11. This is a good question. Because the majority of people who get HT do travel. And many travel the day after their HT before the swelling sets in. I would think, as abcd mentioned, FUT would be obviously less comfortable than FUT. But it would be great to hear from more people about their travel experience after getting a HT.
  12. When in doubt always trust mom. Thanks for the pics. And answering my questions. The change is awesome. You must be stoked.
  13. Almost forgot do you have pictures of the back and top (at the back) I am very interested in Dr Wong's results and by all accounts they're the usual high standard. cheers, w
  14. Looking good. You've made a ton of progress since ur last update. Good on ya. Curious, Who took ur stitches out? And how long did it take for the scar to heal and your hair to hide it from anyone at work? Happy growing? w