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  1. Thanks for all your input guys. Would any of you happen to know how much Dr Reddy would charge for 1500 grafts? ive seen a site say he charges ?2 per hair but that's an odd way to charge and doesn't seem accurate. If Dr Reddy ask for more than i am willing to pay i have found another site that i think may be suitable but i cant find their page describing their surgeons which outs me off but the work looks positive and it already tells you the cost per graft. I would expect this site to cost me under ?5000. . - HDC - Hair Transplant, Restoration and Treatment Centre EDIT - I believe the top surgeon at the second location is - Dr. Kyriakos Maras
  2. I've just emailed him, hopefully he will get back to me and can start prescribing me finasteride at a cheaper rate or inform me on other options from him.
  3. Thanks for the information guys, I've been buying Finasteride from Boots pharmacy for ?100 for 90 pill so thats ?400 a year do you think Dr Edgar would be cheaper?
  4. I've just had an email from a Dr Reddy in London who believes i would require just over 1500 grafts and believes my action plan of staying on Finasteride and having the transplant is the best option. However he did mention what you guys have being the hair loss could get worse and i may require those grafts more urgently at a latter date, but if i am willing to take that risk it is up to me. he mentioned ive got a good amount of hair in the donor area but not to think of this as a lifeline more last resort. Im researching him and his results and he seems to be one of the best in the UK and possible one of the top 20 in Europe. Hes done some good frontal work and if the price is right i may choose him as ease of transport. If any of you know anything about him please let me know. Also to answer Delancey's question my father and uncle have recently become a norwood 5 (they are both 67). I will also look into Dr Bisanga now.
  5. I am focusing on the temples mostly but i feel i may aswell touch up everything while i'm there. Just trying to find the best surgeon now in the western EU. I've emailed a few and just awaiting responses now so hopefully book it this week. Ive got a few more imagines describing where id like the hair line to be brought to, i'm expecting 400 grafts (each) at the temples then 700 across the forehead but this is just a assumption. Also does anyone know if you can go home the day after surgery or do you have to stay nearby for a week or so?.
  6. Thanks Wwiizzkkiidd i understand what you are saying and i do take the information seriously however i still feel that a transplant to fill in the temples at least, would effect me in a positive way. Family wise, two members have all their hair and the other two around norwood 5 but they lost their hair at around 50. Ive managed to find a picture just two weeks after i started using finasteride and it shows my hair line has stayed around the same however you can tell the hair has gotten much stronger and thicker.
  7. Heres a few pictures to help explain my situation. When looking at the pictures keep in mind i've always had a broad forehead so im not expecting my hairline to come forward a crazy amount. Im hoping to fill in the temples and bring the hair forward about 1.25-1.5cm as MrGio mentioned i could potentially be chasing hair loss for my future if i proceed and wouldn't want to have an unnatural look. Therefore i aim to use between 1500-1750 grafts to fill out the temples and front leaving a good sum of hair available for any other surgeries in the near future. Ive also recieved a responce from the Talizi clinic after filling out there online consultation. They are happy to treat me and explain it would be $2.2 per graft and i would need between 1500-2000 grafts.
  8. Thanks for the reply I'll check them out & yeah I'm planning on a FUE. I've sent a message to Man-Hair-Clinic & to Talizi for a online consultation. I'm hoping to get the transplant rather soon, hopefully that's possible.
  9. I'm 25 years old and have been loosing my hair since i was 17, once i hit 22 my temples and hairline had recened. I started taking Finasteride which has slown down the rate of my hair loss significantly. I would say i'm a norwood 2 on the scale and have been since starting medication. Which now leads me to my questions, - Being 25 and on Finasteride would i be a suitable candidate for a HT? - Where is the best location in europe to have it done? Looking at costs and results in the UK compared to most other european countries makes it an easy decision to fly overseas for a weekend to get the procedure but where is best. Thank you in advance.
  10. Ive seen these posts on here before but they are a little out dated. Dose any body know where in the UK is best to buy (cheapest) Finasteride or Propecia 5mg tablets from ? i have found this website (chemistdirect) but every time i select how many i wont the actual price it asks for at the end dosent match, eg one says 40 per tablet how it cost 7.85 at the till (the website has a free delivery in the uk) im guessing that you get more than 1 tablet in this but would like to be sure about it first. Thanks in advance guys n gals
  11. Yeah i looked on the wiki page about side effects of finasteride, it mentions an increased risk of prostate cancer but it hasn't been fully proven. I'm hoping to speak to a doctor about it and maybe start using finasteride (need to investigate it a bit more). I would be happy to have a transplant now but i think i may wait for the hair to recede a little further then have a HT at the mid/front of my head, then after 3 years have another to fix the further mid/crown areas. EDIT- Does anybody know who much its cost on a NHS prescription to propecia tablets or if you can purchase them anywhere else cheaper?
  12. Arh no sad times ahead by the sound of it. ill try to get in contact with Dr Farjo see if he can give me any advice. i would be happy to be at a N1.5 or 1.75 and i feel as im starting to come to understand more and more to having a HT that just getting one. ive got a few more questions is anyone is interested in answering it would be a reat help. 1. Can balding eventually stop say reach N2.5 (or any stage) and then stop? 2. Would anyone recommend me to start using Finasteride in tablet form? 3. Average amount of donor hair ? 4.if i have a HT and in 10 years more hair has fallen out leaving me at a N6 stage could i the shave my head bald (on a daily basis as this was my plan to do but i feel to young atm and would look thuggish) or would the HT show throught?
  13. Here are a few pictures if i don't brush my hair forward to cover the temples a little bit. I want to have the transplant but can understand people thoughts as for example - i could have the HT now, 12 months later the new hairs look good but more hair has continued to fall out leaving a bald spot on top of my head which i again would get a HT to cover, But this is all easier said than done. I've looked into minoxidil and finasteride and at first i thought well if i can take them as a tablet then ill do it (just find it easier and less time consuming) then i saw the side effects and wow i don't feel like risking any of them cancer, libido, poor ejaculation etc. if any can find a website giving you the odds of getting these ill happily look and may reconsider but as of what ive seen minoxidil and finasteride will likely (in time) half help with your hair problem but give you a problem with your manhood.
  14. ive just got an email back from Crown Clinic, it thanks me for the enquiry an says ordinarily i wouldn't be considered a patient due to my age and explains that hair could fall out behind the transplanted hairs (i am aware that the situation described may occur in time but i would ensure not to have to many grafts as to save some for/if the occasion arrives, also this is a case with the majority of HT anyone between stages 1-4 could still lose more hair between/behind the transplant). IT then states the average hair transplant cost. Which leads me to my question what do i do now, it sound like they may still treat me as they inform me of prices and from the word "ordinarily". do i email them back and if so saying what or will they contact me again or is this a kind way of saying your to young and therefore deal with it until they deem it reasonable to preform surgery.
  15. Thanks for the advice, ive looked into the shock loss an it seems ok as its just hairs that are almost gone mostly. I must say i feel more comfortable doing this now and im acceptant of the fact ill most likely need more HT as i get older, ill just put some money aside and prepare. Ive gone ahead an done a online assessment with UK Hair Transplant clinics. they seem ok from the information ive seen just gotta research the surgeons now. Hopefully get a email back from them soon