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  1. I read in this week's newsletter: "Many hair transplant surgeons won't even consider transplanting young patients with a severe family history of baldness." Well, I turned 46 two days ago, and I had a transplant done when I was 20. And it has literally ruined my life. I could have been an actor and comedian. But there's no way I can be on TV and in movies due to the scars on my head and the ridiculous hair plugs. I would give anything to have not had the transplant. I'd be able to shave my head and look fine. Or I could grow my hair out and play roles as a guy with thinning hair. But my acting dreams are ruined. And I can't get a girlfriend or wife, either. So my question is... Can I sue my surgeon for having done the transplant on me when I was 20, when he knew full well that my dad went completely bald in his teens and early 20s? I'm trying to think of some small way to get some kind of justice and compensation for my completely ruined life. I'm in Toronto, Canada. Update Nov 15, 2018: Since people are asking for more details... What happened is that when I was 19, I asked my doctor to add an ingredient to my Minoxidil that I'd read would increase effectiveness. But it was like acid on my skin and burned wounds into the front of my scalp. So I have scars from that. Then I went to the surgeon, and he drew the line where he'd put my hairline, which ran through the scar. I got the first round of the transplant, which is just 2 rows along the front. And after that, I didn't want to do anymore, because I saw how awful it looks. And now I'm stuck with these 2 rows, and scars on the back of my head. A couple of years ago, I went back to the clinic. The surgeon is now the senior guy there. I asked him if there was a way to reverse the transplant, to just pull out the plugs. He said no. He said we could do more transplants, but I don't want that. He said I could just shave down the transplant part - So I've been doing that, but it still doesn't look great. You can tell there are 2 rows of holes on my head. Oh, and when I was talking to the surgeon, he said: "Wow, normally we wouldn't do this for someone that young." So even he knew that he shouldn't have done this to me! Oh, and I've been using minoxidil since I was 18, I guess. And finasteride since I heard about that, which is maybe when I was 26. I will take pics to show you guys.
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