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  1. I've taken some since my last posts but not much improvement. Seems like I have lost some native hair behind temple where grafts were placed. Really hope Dr. Rahal can give me a positive go around. I have been asking my self maybe I've made a mistake and should have just accepted my fate of going bald. Could have put money towards my kids education. Anyway just venting a little hopefully I will be satisfied this go around...
  2. Headed to Ottawa next week. Getting a little nervous...can't believe going for 2nd procedure little over a year from my first. Well hopefully this go around will have a better outcome.
  3. Well think I'm going to get around 3500 grafts within the month of June. I'm not waiting around, 1700 grafts in frontal area was not hardly enough for what I'm looking for in density. I obtained first procedure measurements of 1.2cm x 21.5cm @ 90fol/cm. Love how my density was exactly 90fol/cm hard to believe, but maybe so. Plus I might have had some shock loss to native hairs on right side or just not extending far enough to compensate for continue loss. Have about a half cm in area with no hair hard to tell in photos but it bugs the hell out of me. Yes hopefully in 10 years there will
  4. GNX1, thanks for your comments. I really appreciate everyone's views regarding my HT and current state. Just wish I found this site before my 1st HT and done more homework.
  5. Thanks 1978matt...I have other people tell me about looking somewhat like Matt Damon, lol. I guess I'm being to hard on my self. Looking for that youthful hair line, hate waiting. Still weighing my options currently want to get this behind me. I fell I should have had more grafts first round just to give me the desired density. Time will tell! Thanks...
  6. Dr. Arocha stated that it wouldn't be a problem to proceed with his recommendations for another 2000 to 2500 grafts within the upcoming months. I have felt some new growth but I don't see much room for improvement to me it seems my right side is thinner than the left. I just would hate to wait 12 to 16 months then have another procedure....guess I'm just impatient, lol. Here are a couple more pics from his consultation. I really liked him no pressure answered all my concerns and gave me his honest opinion. So just trying to decide... hairloss is terrible, frustrating, time consuming, and
  7. Pupdaddy, physician didn't perform any type of donor area density, physician's clinical liaison had reviewed donor area and said area was fine for FUT but without relaying a amount of yield. We discussed my current budget of 9k or below and that was how this adventure began. He stated that 2200 would be a nice cosmetic improvement. I basically relied on their knowledge to give me the best results first hand. I just don't care for current density, with summer fast approaching is primary reason to have another procedure within the month of Feb., instead of waiting the 12 or 14 month timetabl
  8. Thanks everyone for your reply's! I have struggled with this and still doing so...biggest dilemma is just the lack of density.
  9. Currently 30 years old on finasteride 1.1 mg, Rogaine foam as well. I do have some prior post -op photos showing previous state. What would having another procedure at 9 months be to soon? Does my first procedure look like I received 1700 grafts also what would be recommendations for number of grafts for round 2? Thanks.
  10. Please see post op photos and 8+ months. Had FUT on 04/19/12 2200 grafts, 1700 in frontal and 500 crown. Not happy with results...Now looking to proceed with another FUT with a different physician. Was this a failed procedure?
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